Title: star's requiem

summary: a boy and a girl and a supernova in the making

|big BANG ! |


once upon a time i knew you because

i was a lone star and you were the center of a galaxy

(far far away and i loved you to infinity and beyond)

with the moons in your eyes

and starshine in your hair

i remember i ran to you and you to me

and when we collided it was a star explosion that created

whole universes

and it was the most beautiful thing

though soon we drifted like stardust

to other sides of our universe

but once upon a time i found you again

or maybe you found me

like orihime and hikoboshi

you looked at me

with your dreamy-moon eyes

and i melted

like liquid mercury

you kissed me a thousand-and-one times

it was a supernova in the making