Title: Miss America

summary: your smiles are painted on


|my god you're so fake|


ain't you a pretty little darling

you look like a perfect Barbie Doll

with perfect Barbie hair

and a plastic Barbie smile

(Miss America, Miss America I bet you didn't know how easy Barbie's break)

ain't you such a good girl

so innocent

so clean

(Miss America, Miss America with a cigarette between your lips, you look like a saint but you kiss like a sinner)

the boys and the girls

they all love you don't they

they want to hold you don't they

(Miss America, Miss America with your manufactured heart I don't want your cherry kisses anymore)

pretty little princess girl

I bet you love the spotlight (you attention whore)

wave your practiced beauty queen wave

and smile like sunshine at the public honey

because the camera's always watching you

(Miss America, Miss America no one really loves you either)