Title: heart(less)

summary: because you love her the way you don't love me and that's the reason why they call it a crush


|this is why they call it a crush|


you walked in the classroom like you owned the place

like the world could be yours if you said you wanted it

you were so cool

with your old chucks and faded Pink Floyd t-shirt

you nodded in my direction and waved

I blinked like butterfly wings because

you couldn't have really acknowledged me

Miss Invisibility, now you see me now you don't

(a disappearing act without even trying)

and you smiled like you were amused with me

a crooked, car-crash kind of grin and the world ended for about fifteen seconds

you sat with your friends and I could breathe again

(but I couldn't keep my eyes off you you know)

and it's the little things that make the butterflies in my stomach

go into a mad frenzy

or make my heart drum to the beat of a crazy hot rock song

like the way your eyebrows furrow together and you squint

your eyes when you're thinking hard

the way you get so passionate about the things you like

and I like the way my name sounds when you say it

(I could listen to your voice for hours if I could)

but I see you in the halls with her

your girlfriend

and I see the way you look at her

like she is the moon and the stars and the sun

because she is so so pretty

prettier than me and you look good together

(so is it horrible if I wished you didn't)

I pretend not to care because i'm not supposed to

because you don't even know

and I pretend not to see how you grip her hand

like a life line

like she'll float away the second you let go

so I pretend i'm blind

because i'm not supposed to care

(about how you love her the way you don't love me)