There he lays,
His body is broken and his mind is bent.
He is still,
But there's war in him.

There he lays,
Who made him this way?

I know who did it,
It was the girl with the untamed heart.
It was that girl who tore his heart.

It was her,
The fallen angel of the night.
I wonder if she wanted it this way?
I wonder if she had a say?
It was her who dared to take away the white knight.

He's at war with the world,
Is he gonna survive?
Now she cries ,wondering why?
The untamed heart weeps for the white knight.

She wishes she could touch his face,
But she's scared he might break...
She raises her fists to the air,
Because it turns out she cares.

She goes to seek out the black Knight,
And bargain her own life,
To save what's left of the silver man,
Because he's more important in the end.

She's standing before the hands of fate.
She standing before and there she waits.
With I swipe of fates hands,
Her life becomes one with the silver man..