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Chapter 2

"Your chariot awaits, my lady."

Casey spun on her heel and smiled as her best friend marched through the door, sporting a very sharp tuxedo. Her eyes scanned him, mock serious expression firmly in place.

"Who are you and what have you done with my date?" she quizzed with a wave of her hand to indicate the suit that he wore.

"ha ha Casey. Looking good by the way. Told you the dress was a winner!" he replied, as he stepped close and pulled her into a soft hug.

Her hair was fixed into a messy bun to the right side of her head; a few cascading curls left out to frame her face. When she turned her head slightly he could see a small plait running amongst the curls and tucking into the bun. She always told him she thought it was a perfect example of order and mess mixing together, just like her.

"Don't mess up my hair!" she squeaked as she leant back to avoid mussing her curls on his shoulder.

"Do you not see me withholding a squeeze hug?" he said as he exaggerated an eye roll.

"Just let me get my clutch and I am good to go." She told him as she turned, her 3 inch heels clicking on her way to the table. The shoes were something she had found last minute, opting for a little extra height to downplay her curvy figure, rather than the comfort of the kitten heels they had bought last week. They were black with thin straps running from her toes to just past her ankle, giving the ensemble a young, rock chick edge. She had a black clutch, a simple long silver necklace and matching hoop earrings to complete the outfit. Simple, fun and elegant; it suited her personality perfectly.

"You're forgetting something Casey." Jason said, pulling a hand out from behind his back. In his grip was a small white box. He offered it to her with a devilish smile.

She made her way back to him and reached for the box, eyebrow raised in question. He flicked the lid open when she was closer, revealing a corsage with a stunning red rose, the exact same colour as the dress. Casey gasped, her eyes glancing up to his in shock before returning to the rose.

"Oh my gosh. Jason, it's beautiful! That's the most perfect rose I have ever seen." She gushed as he carefully removed it from the box, offering up her left wrist.

"Perfect rose, check. Perfect dress, check. Perfect date.. damn I knew I was forgetting something!" he laughed, trying to break the silence that had fallen between them once he had released her arm. He narrowly escaped a playful smack to his arm, and before he could comment on her lack of aim she threw her clutch, and hit him firmly on the chin.

"That's what happens when you don't treat a lady with respect!" Casey laughed, bending down to collect her purse. At some point her lip gloss had escaped and was racing across the floor and under the table.

"Jail break! I'll get it. Wouldn't want to mess up your hair now would we?" he joked.

Once Casey had replaced the offending gloss back inside her purse, Jason offered her his arm and steered them towards the door. He continued to be the perfect gentleman as he opened the car door and held it for her, waiting for her to buckle her seatbelt, before closing it with a sharp snap. Seconds later he was climbing into the driver's seat and adjusting his rear view mirror slightly. Jason chuckled lightly, turning the keys in the ignition. The car roared to life and began its rhythmic purring; he glanced at her once more before pulling out onto the road.

A few minutes of driving a light conversation passed. When they reached the highway, Jason looked across at Casey, smiling when he saw her admiring the corsage on her wrist. "Let's get this show on the road, what do you say?"

Casey eyes had been studying the rose on her wrist, committing every shade, every curve, and every petal to memory. No one had ever bought her something so beautiful before in her life. Jason had gone out of his way to find something that suited the dress so well, but upon questioning him about it he had been modest, insisting that he had just asked for a red rose corsage, and the lady at the florist was the one that deserved the praise.

His voice pulled her from her musings, and she looked up, into soft blue eyes. A little embarrassed at being caught daydreaming, she ducked her head and hid behind her curls.

They spent the next several minutes in a comfortable silence, each imagining what the graduation party decorations would look like; what everyone would be wearing; what music they would be playing. Pulling off the highway and into the parking lot, Jason picked a car space as close to the entrance as he could get, ensuring Casey wouldn't have to walk very far in those heels. Switching the car off, he climbed out and hurried around to the other side, scowling as Casey pushed open the door and was already throwing out her leg to stand up.

"You were supposed to let me do that." He sighed, taking her arm and weaving it around his.

"Well Prince Charming, a girl does have to look after herself once in a while," she began, falling in step with him as he steered them through the car park. "We like to be independent."

Jason responded with a smile, leaning over and placing a feather-light kiss to her forehead. Casey abruptly stopped walking and turned slightly to face him, an unreadable expression crossing her features. Jason had to take a step back to her, his smile slowly vanishing as he met her sparkling green eyes. Silence stretched between them, neither knowing what to say, or what the other was thinking, just absorbing the energy that flowed between them.

Casey felt her eyes glued to his, unable to look away from their cerulean depths. So many emotions were racing through her, so many thoughts. She didn't understand why she was feeling like this after he kissed her forehead; he had done it so many times before. She wanted him to do it again.

He shifted his feet slightly, inching himself slightly closer. His face was neutral, his eyes softening as he raised his left hand, brushing a curl back from her face, his fingers whispering against her skin. Her cheek burned from his touch, and she took an unsteady deep breath in.

A girlish giggle reached Casey's ears, bringing her crashing back to reality. Turning her head she could see the couple that were playfully making their way towards the graduation party, laughing and cuddling close to one other. When she bought her gaze back to Jason's, she could see his brow knitted together slightly in confusion. Unsure on what had passed between them in that moment they had just shared.

Turning on her best playful grin, Casey threaded her arm back into his, leading him up towards the door. "Ready for this?"

"I was born ready babe."

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