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Chapter 3

Dear Diary

Last night was the graduation dance and it was a blast. I take back everything bad I ever said about Jason for picking that dress. Once I was there, all my makeup on, hair done up all nice – I felt like a million bucks!

We danced all night. I have never smiled and laughed so much as I did with Jason on the dance floor. Should have seen him do the chicken dance. By far the best part of the whole thing. I'm so glad he is my best friend, all he has to do is look at me and he knows exactly what is going on inside my head and he always knows how to make me laugh.

Jessica shot daggers at us for most of the night. I think she wanted to go with Jason to the dance, but I'm not sure. She came over to say hello to him and completely ignored me – she is always such a cow. It did make me smile when Jason brushed her off so we could escape to get our photo taken. The professional photo turned out really nice, but my favourite is definitely the photo booth strip we got at the end. The faces we were pulling are just gold. We got quite a few copies, I already have put one set on the back of my bedroom door with all the other bits and pieces. I think I might keep the other copy in here. Just to keep it safe. God knows we will look back on them in 10 years and laugh our asses off.

Now graduation is over with, I have to decide what I want to do with myself straight out of school. I'm seriously considering taking the Creative Writing course offered at the Sydney Uni, but that means I have to put our travel plans off for a few years. We have been talking non stop about where we want to go, what we want to do. I hope we are able to do both. Lots to think about. I need to talk to Jason so we can work out what we are going to do.

Last night before we walked into the dance something happened. Honestly I'm not really sure what it was, but we shared this moment and I couldn't stop thinking about kissing him. I know! He's been my best friend for years, and I'm not really sure where it came from, or what to do about it. I don't think he feels the same way. I just hope that I can ignore these stupid feelings that keep trying to get in the way of our friendship. I couldn't stand to lose him. Do I tell him? Or do I just pretend like nothing happened? I'm so confused.

- C

Casey leant her head back against her headboard, closing her diary and pulling it close to her chest. Tilting her head back she let her eyelids flutter closed, a small sigh escaping her lips and she contemplated what last night meant; if anything. Her thoughts drifted back to Jason's fingers brushing her cheek, a shiver escaping her as she remembered the burning left behind at his touch. Surely he was just trying to fix her hair. Right?

A shrill beeping interrupted her thoughts, signalling she just received a text message. Heaving herself up from her cross legged position on her bed, Casey reached to the side and stowed her diary and pen back into the draw under a few miscellaneous notebooks, for safe keeping. Reaching for her mobile as it beeped again and vibrated across the desk, Casey tripped and staggered into the corner of the table, and began muttering obscenities and laughing softly to herself, rubbing at the throbbing ache in her thigh. Phone in hand, she swiped her finger across the screen, a smile instantly claiming her lips.

Hey babe! Had fun last night, how are your feet? Haha. Any plans for today? Xx

Jason was probably the only person that ever bothered to text her anymore. Casey was renowned for her hate of texting.

My feet are fine. I told you I wouldn't get blisters! Besides nursing my bruised ego, and leg (fell into my desk again) I have no other plans for the day. X

Casey knew that response would get a laugh out of Jason, for as long as she could remember he was always insisting on wrapping her in bubble wrap, or baby proofing the world. Unfortunately, she did lack coordination and was constantly sporting several bruises at any given day.


You dork! I will pick up some bubble wrap on the way to yours. Cya soon!

His reply had her rolling her eyes, before she began tapping away furiously on the screen-

Or you could help me move my furniture around in my room again? If your going past the shops, pick up 2 sodas? Xx


Roger that. Xx

Looking down, Casey noticed she was still in her sweat pants and an oversized t shirt. Cursing, she hurried into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Within moments the room was steaming, she was under the spray and was running apple shampoo through her tresses. With a quick check to make sure she had shaved her legs the day before, she finished washing herself, and launched out of the shower, to wrap a fluffy blue towel around her, securing it at the front.

Knowing she didn't have much time before Jason pulled into her driveway, Casey slapped some tinted moisturiser on her face, and ran a comb over her crazy curls in a bid to get them to behave. admitting defeat, she took a hair tie and pulled it back loosely, securing it into a pony tail.

She quickly got dressed in a comfy pair of cut-off jeans, threw on a bather top and the first clean shirt she grabbed out of the gathering pile on her floor, and headed for the front door as she heard the familiar rumbling of Jason pulling up to the house. With a quick check of her pockets and knapsack, Casey made sure she had her phone, purse and a pair of flip flops, as she pulled the front door shut behind her. She turned the key and heard the locks tumble into place before jogging out to the car idling in the drive.

"Hey Case! Here ya go. One frozen coke." Jason smiled, handing over the frosted cup he had nursed between his legs.

She took it, her mouth tugging into a grin, "Jason, you are by far the best friend a girl could ever have!"

He didn't respond; just shot her a quick smile before putting the car into reverse, and easing backwards out onto the road. Casey slurped at the drink through the straw, instantly moaning in pain and grabbing at her head.

"How is it you always get a brain freeze, Case?" he began, chuckling softly, "it has barely even touched your lips and your practically rolling on the floor in agony."

"Bite. Me." She managed to retort between groans of pain, and a few laughs of her own.

Jason shot her a look out the corner of his eye, a smirk tugging at the side of his mouth. His gaze quickly shot down the length of her torso and back up, his eyes marginally darker than their normal shade of aqua blue.

Casey rolled her eyes at his antics, turning her head to watch the houses flash by her window. Her heart was beating so loud and fast she was afraid he would be able to hear its drumming from where he sat.

She had never before reacted this way to his teasing, and she could feel her face warming in a blush. She needed to clear her head, and stop being so silly around him. They were friends. Just friends. She wasn't even his type. Casey's chest tightened as she cast her memory back to the girls that Jason had previously dated. Blonde, slim, popular. Essentially - bimbo types. For goodness sakes, it was the exact opposite of everything she was!

Knowing she needed to get these new feelings under control before she ruined their friendship, Casey bought her soda back to her lips and sipped at it, imagining the cold shooting down into her stomach was freezing the butterflies that had recently taken up residence. Take that butterflies, she thought to herself smugly.

A few minutes past in comfortable silence before Casey asked him where they were going. Jason's face split into his million dollar smile, before telling her it was a surprise, and she would just have to wait and see.

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