Eternal Wish

When your dreams come true,

All seems fun and grand,

Your wish to live a fantasy came true,

Everything at first with your ability seemed quite grand.

But then the de ja'vu grows stronger,

Interfering with your daily life,

You are normal no longer,

This de ja' vu can easily prevent certain disastors and strifts.

But it affects you, and makes you wonder if you're crazy,

When you can guess at everything,

And sit back and be lazy,

Everything is at your fingertips, everything.

Still what good is it to know your life,

The good and the bad,

The crazyness makes you want to have a normal life,

Be careful what you wish for today.

'Cause I longed to be psychic,

To 'know' things before they occur,

My friend is a bipolar psychic,

She allowed me to awaken and give in to the psychic lure.

Wait for me, Wait for me,

I'm sinking and falling,

Going crazy drowing in a dark sea,

The de ja' vu keeps calling, calling