Black and White and Shades of Gray

Nothing is truely black and white,

It's all shades of gray,

As multitudes of changing moods take flight,

Causing me to wonder who you are day by day.

One wrong move and I've hurt you,

One wrong move, and you've hurt me,

Now I am beginning to feel as if I am the bipolar one and not you,

For I have become insecure and moody you see.

I don't want to lose you,

But you never call,

And probally never will,

Did you even think at all that we were like sisters too?

Or did you get sick of my sudden fears,

Fears that I would lose you,

And cause the waterfall of tears,

Did you lie to me too?

I don't want to lose you,

I want to help you, friend,

But if you won't let me help you,

Then what's the point when all I ever had been was a person to hang out with for eight days?