All your efforts were in vain,

Tears spilled as you slowly went insane,

You were all alone sitting at a table so alone, so cold,

Immortality caused you to be young, yet, also so old.

Everything from the 1st to the last,

Haunts you, eats you from times gone past,

Your eyes now glow a deep blood red,

And all because your red-headed demon enticed you with words once said.

Now you too are a demon,

Reduced to constantly relive the past like a self-loathing vermin,

You can accept what once was true,

Or pretend it was all just a nightmarish dream straight out of the blue.

There may be a vessle,

A portal to the past buried deep in some castly,

Stepping back to that emotion-filled night,

To try to change the scenery, and block the she-demon from sight.

Block her before she eats you alive,

Before she buries your heart and soul alive.