She had changed since the last time I had seen her.

Well of course she wasn't clad in a toga anymore. That didn't surprise me, she had hardly worn a toga even back than. Actually she had hardly ever worn anything back then. And it wasn't the fact that she had cut her long reddish blond hair, so that it barely touched her shoulders. It was something else, something I had never expected. After all she used to be the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation.

Not that somebody could ever guess this now. Well, how can I say it?

„Holy shit, you are fat, Aphrodite!" Maybe a bit outspoken, but sometimes you just have to say the truth.
Well maybe this time wasn't the right time. Aphrodite stared at me angrily. „ I am not fat, I am curvy! Sexy! HOT! But skinny bitches like you will never get it! Justin! Justin come here right now and tell this little nothing who the sexiest woman here is!" „Justin? Who's Justin, Aphrodite?", I asked suspiciously. After all, this little mountain of fat in front of me was the goddess of love, you could never know what or whom to expect.

„My husband of course." Aphrodite rolled her eyes. „Nobody is called Hephaestus anymore today. And don't call me Aphrodite. My name is now Brittany!"

Brittany. Brittany and Justin. Oh my god. While I was still struggling with myself to find some nice words to say, Hephaestus, pardon, Justin hobbled into the room. Apparently not even modern medicine could fix his leg. Poor guy. He still looked the way he had the last time I had seen him. And although he had never been a handsome guy, he looked a little bit less ugly than he had used to. Probably because he was more covered up than back then in our times.

When he saw me, his grumpy face lighted up and he gave me a bright, heartful smile. I smiled back at him. He was a smart and nice guy. One of my best cousins. I had always liked him.

„So tell her! Who ist he sexiest woman here?", Aphrodite-Brittany asked her husband. Hephaestus-Justin's smiling face turned into a fearful mask of horror, but he said nothing. He was smart, told ya. And before his wife could start to shout at him, I cleared my throat and said: „I am really sorry, but I just have to ask you some questions for him."

„For whom?", bot of them asked. „Him. You know, whom I mean." Now I rolled my eyes.

„Of course," Aphrodite sighed. „Go ahead, but let me get some cookies first. Questions make me always hungry." „Everything makes you hungry", Hephaestus mumbled. That made me grin.
After some minutes the goddess of love, beauty and apparently nowadays also cookies came back with a plate full of all kind of cookies. She didn't offer me one and when her husband tried to take one, she slapped his hand away and growled at him. Oh my…

„So, the first question: What are your actual names? Justin and Brittany?" Both oft hem nodded. „Next question: Do you have any contact tot he others?" Now they shook their heads. „Ok, what do you do for life?" Hephaestus opened his mouth to response, but his wife was faster. „Justin works at an Apple-Store and I am of course a Stylist! I am kind of a big deal." She smiled at me proudly.

I stared blankly at Aphrodite in her barely there, pink, tiny top and her how-the-fuck-did-she-get-her-ass-into-those-dark red skinny jeans.

„Sure…", I stuttered and quickly asked the last question. „Did any of you get your powers back?"

Both shook their heads and sighed. „Fine, that's it. Thank you for your time." Now they nodded, but didn't look at me. I got it. It was frustrating to be powerless, but at least we still had eternal life. That wasn't so bad, right? But maybe it was different fort hem. They had been famous gods for a really long time, while I wasn't that important.

I took one last look at these pitiful persons and walked away. I got work to do.