Dust and SHADOWS

Our memories are but mere specks in the grand scheme of things,

Our insignificant past loves and crushes were once filled with mere longing and lust,

Our names are but little things in phone books and search engines like Bing.

We are only merely human,

Our souls sometimes less angel and more demon,

We destroy our world slowly like vermin,

And, yet, we still preach peace and love in our Sunday sermons

And who is our God anyways?

Is 'He' real or imaginary,

Will we as shadows and dust get to see Him one of these days?

Then again maybe God is really less monotheistic, and really more binary.

We are but shadows and dust,

Our destinies are set in stone that we cannot break or bust,

Everything we do we say happens for a rhyme or reason,

It seems we all say everything has its time and season,

We love, and we fall apart,

We all feel Cupid's dart,

We all feel the Underworld's icy chill of heartbreak,

We all know of love whether True or Fake,

And, yet, arn't we still all but mere Dust and SHADOWS