"Haha! I win again!" Cat stood over her best friend Damian, holding the point of her wooden practice sword to his chest.

"No fair. You cheated." Damian grumbled, allowing Cat to help him up.

"I cheated? You're the knight-in-training here." Cat pointed out, smirking.

"You still cheated." Damian mumbled. Cat whacked him upside the head in response.

"Cateline! Mother wants you!" Cat's older sister Gwyn called from the balcony above the courtyard.

"I'll be there in a moment!" Cat called back. She sighed, taking off the protective leather armor she wore to spar. She handed her practice sword to Damian and ran up the steps of the castle to the door. She shoved it with her shoulder and trudged into her room to change. Pulling off her black short-sleeved tunic, she randomly chose a dress from her wardrobe, making a disgusted face at the choice. It was a cobalt blue gown with trailing sleeves. sighing again, Cat yanked the dress over her head, tying the bow in the back. She pulled off her dark blue leggings and replaced her beloved boots with flats. She pulled a brush through her tangled black locks and tied that up with a ribbon. She opened her bedroom door and rushed down the many hallways of the castle to the throne room.

"Oh, good, you're here." Queen Ventrila smiled benevolently at her daughter's rushed arrival. Princess Gwyn smirked.

"What did you wish to see me about, Mother?" Cat smiled her best fake smile.

"I just wanted to tell you a few things. One, I don't want you being friends with that 'Damian' boy. It is unbecoming for a princess to consort with lessers."

"What?! Damian's my best friend! You can't just not let me see him!"

"I am the Queen. I can do whatever I wish!" Queen Ventrila stood in anger, towering over her daughter. "Also, King Jameson is visiting from Calcita, along with his family, including his two sons." Cat groaned.

"Them? Do they have to?"

"Yes, Cateline, they do. You will be civil to them, invite them in, and be at the very least nice to them."


"Good. They will be here soon, so go get ready. I have taken the liberty of choosing your outfit, as you obviously cannot." The Queen looked her daughter up and down, frowning distastefully.

"great." Cat answered sarcastically, walking out to get ready.

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