Why are Christians so judgmental?

Why do they say we are the ones her are mental,

We are mental because they think what we believe in is ungodly?

Who the hell are they to deem what is unholy?

My god thinks I'm rainbow fabulous!

My god doesn't judge love!

Because of my god I have learned not to care

To not care when people share

There biased opinions about things they are afraid to accept

All the traditions and ways that they don't want to be kept

Because they don't want to have to say

That love is giving in many ways

Let it be with men, woman, children, or elderly

People who don't accept love in all forms are so sickly

Because they choose to close off their hearts to an entire faction

Of people who need to be accepted and are not an infection

They are not people with any mental disorder or disease

Or people that need to decrease

Just because one religion deems them satanic