I give a shout out to Selfish Me ( u/753617/Selfish-Me)gave me the idea of posting a diary online. If this actually gets posted just know I probably did it on a whim and I might take this down soon because of my paranoia on life and what people think, but hey. This is online. Bully from afar right? (NO! Please be nice to me.)

***NOTE: This is not my real information, nor anyone else's. I am creating a character of my own and giving it a life. And a dialect. ...

Saturday, 5 Enero 2013 9:35pm

So hmm. Lets give a intro on me. I'm Kathleen T. Snider, I live in freaking nowhere, just kiddin. Maybe. Itta Bena, Nebraska. It's located about 50 kilos southwest from Valentine. I live with my mother and sister and three younger brothers. Father divorced and deceased shortly thereafter. Yep. Dull.

I had a nice break I suppose. Went on a 3-hour drive to Stonebeach to visit my cousins Clara, Natalia, and Enrico Davide for Christmas. We have a line going back to Italy, and they have a more cultured family than I. It's pretty insane, the family mix. Well, yeah...

As far as drama goes, I am just a sticker for it. My resolution for this year is to steer clear. School starts on Wednesday, not too excited for the upcoming semester. I mean, I am sure creative writing's gonna be fun and all, but what about all that writing? I mean I never finished a story...EVAH! I sure hope that this teacher can help change that...soon. Then there's History. I had to drop out of AP because of my "D". I felt discouraged y'know? Everyone kept telling me I couldn't do it and that I needed to change as soon as possible. My mom, my sister, my elder brother... it sucked. Encouragement would be nice every once and a while.

On the brighter side, I'll be able to catch up with friends. Haven't been able to stay in touch because my phone broke when I dropped it in the sink when attempting to text between dishes.

People say I had an accent, makes sense because I grew up in Millbrook, Alabama. This little gal came up to me today and told me I reminded her of the little lady who worked at the library at her school. I dunno what to think of it. But any-who, I am me and nobody else!

Well. Goodnight.