Monday Enero 23 2012

Sorry for the delay. Life has got me flustered. My creative writing teacher is annoying. He swears and all that jazz. I don't like it. Its creative writing, not creative speaking. My friends say I should grow up and conform to that type of language. God forbid. I don't find those people attractive. Like they have tar coming out of their dirty mouths.

I nag at him. He tries to keep me from presenting me work. I'm purdy sure he gone teasin' me. Anyways, he had us create a character. I decided to go with a young disabled girl. No need to go into detail. I file everything away so if ya interested go look for 'em.

Enough about academic stuff. My Best Friend, Jen (Jennifer Tyson), are going to start learning origami. Yessiree we're going to kill some of 'em trees in Africa. :Smiley Face: c: I've been looking for them websites that will teach us. Or maybe a book.

Oh my gosh, I just got Microsoft Office onto my laptop! I am so excited!

So, um. I don't necessarily know what else to write about in here. Hmm..

*History waaay easier

*my Boyfriend and I are amazing!

*I found out that I like The Wanted and Icon for Hire

*Other friend Hayley is mad at me. My thoughts: sucks for you. its your problem. (this drama seems to never end with her!)

Well, That's it!

-Kitty 3