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The characters ARE based on real people but their names and the events in the story are purely fictional. Thanking youuu xx

Nikita opened her eyes an looked at the bright blue numbers on her alarm clock ,it read 06:45 looked at Jasmine, her grey cat with sparkling blue eyes, who was lying on the end of her bed. "Right come on Jas, let's go" Jasmine just meowed at her and refused to get up. "Come on your such a lazy little lump "Then Jasmine hissed angrily at her. "Fine then". So she walked sleepily over to her wardrobe, put on a blue knitted jumper and her black jeans and then sat back on her bed next to Jasmine. "Right, I'm ready, well yeah" She stopped talking as she realized that she was talking to herself. She looked over at her calendar, it was 29th October, and then she looked back over at the alarm clock which now read 06:57 AM.

The reason that Nikita was up so early was because she was going to meet her friend Joshua, well they were just friends until 5 years ago, when Nikita had realized that she wanted to be more than just friends. However Joshua had moved away and had gotten new friends and a new wasn't at all happy when she'd found about Madison (The girlfriend).She'd only ever told 3 of her friends, Cammie,Lizzie and Emily but somehow the majority of her school and her primary school now knew everything (and that meant everything).But none of that stuff mattered now as she was going to meet Joshua who had moved back to go to sixth form in London. He'd been here for a few weeks now and it was already half term. She'd seen him once in the street about a week ago and they'd arranged to meet up.

She looked over at the clock again "Oh crap im gonna be late" it was 07:15 AM. She ran and grabbed her high heeled boots, picked up her bag and silently went out the front door. She walked down the silent road and not a single person was in the street. She thought of Joshua and smiled, then she casually started skipping down the road. She came to a sudden stop, she laughed and carried on walking. Finally she got to Joshua's house.

She walked up to the door slowly and just as she was about to reach for the doorbell, the door opened. "Josh, hey"

"Nikki, it's nice to see you again"

"You too" Josh closed the door as he stepped outside.

"So how are you?" he asked

"Im okay thanks how are you?"

"Im good thanks, where did you want to go?"

"I honestly don't mind it's up to you"

"I don't mind either,lets just walk around for a bit"

"okay" she smiled politely and calmly but inside she was going mental with excitement.

They just walked around for a bit not really doing after a while they came to their old looked up at it and smiled.

"has it changed much?"

"no,not really,why'd you ask?"

"I kinda miss things how they use to be"

"surely not, i mean, you must have loads of other friends and you've got madison too"

Joshua tensed slightly and looked over at Nikita "Not anymore i dont"


"we broke up ages ago"

"really? How come?"

"i'd had enough to be honest"

"thats it?"

"yeah, and i remembered someone that i used to be crazy about,but i dont think she likes me and we havent spoken in ages"

"well, you should text her, or call her. Its better to tell her than to keep you feelings bottled up inside, trust me"

"i will, just not now"

"ugh, fine okay"

"so, what'd you wanna do now then?"

"well,there''s this new cafe that opened up round the corner, we could go get something to eat if you want"

"sure" he smiled and they started from that moment on Nikita had a new plan.

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