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They got to the cafe eventually,Nikita was having the time of her life and Joshua wasnt showing any signs of unhappiness either. Just as they sat down, Nikita's phone took one look at Joshua,who nodded as if he was telling her to answer the she got it out of her bag and answered it.

"Hello?" Nikita said quietly

"hey its cammie"

"oh hey, listen i cant really talk right now"


"cos im kinda busy"

"what?...oh your with..."

"Cammie shut the hell up"

"hehehe, tell him i said hi"

"fine, call me later"

"Fine & good luck"

"why would i need luck?"

"i dunno, talk to you later then"


She put the phone back into her bag.

"Everything okay?" Joshua asked

"oh, yeah just my friend Cammie, she goes to the same school,you'll meet her when you start next week"

"cool" he said whilst casually staring into space.

"so...you gonna order anything or we just gonna sit here all day and stare into space?"

He jumped back "oh yeah, sorry"

"its alright, i get like that sometimes"

Nikita and Joshua ordered and sat talking for a while. "so why did you and madison break up? and who is this mysterious other girl?" Nikita asked

"I told you, and she's no one special... No thats a lie, she's the most amazing girl i've ever met"

"so why's she so amazing and special?"

"well, she has a great personality,she's really funny and she always knows how to cheer me her eyes are this amazing sparkling green and she has the sweetest smile ever." Nikita smiled,she loved seeing him so happy despite the fact that it killed her to know he loved someone else.

"wow, you sound like you really love her"

"i do,i always have, and i always will"

"be careful what you say,always is a very long time"

"Oh i know"

She really wasn't sure what to say so she just smiled.

"so what about you?"

"well,there is this guy,i've liked him for ages now"

"how long?"

"5 years in February"

"you've got an exact date?"

"18th February 2011 at about 18:45"



"a little"

"i know"

"wait, February 18th? we had a school disco before half term"

"ah so im not the only weirdo who remembers strange dates then?"

"oh .ha that was sooooo funny" he said sarcastically

"why do you even care?"

"because it means that the guy you love was there so it has to be someone i know"

Nikita started clapping her hands sarcastically. "well done genius"

"is there anything that you can tell me that might help?"

"well he was already with someone at the time and he has bright blue eyes" Joshua sat and thought for a while when suddenly Nikita's phone rang.


"Nikki,come quick its Emily"

"okay Cam im on my way" She cut off her phone and put it in her turned to Joshua who was still thinking.

"Sorry,Josh i've gotta go"

"thats okay,i'll call you later"


Nikita got up and walked out just as Josh figured it out.

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