"Wolfe, send out a legion. The rebellion has retaken the outer city". The Queen strides across the high ceilinged throne room, her hair swinging violently.

"Mirrors show me the colonies". With a sigh, the mirrors come to life, images flitting onto there glass faces.

"There appears to be a disturbance my lady" there voices chant in unison. "A traveler has come".

Some say, that if you were to reach the end of a rainbow, you would reach a different place. A place filled with the impossible, of all things magic and mystical. A place where fairytales really are true, and nothing, nothing is impossible. Getting to this place is very challenging, as rainbows tend to avoid humans they dislike, and humans have grown so… dislikable. Only a select few have ever made it, travelers, we call them. One was a girl named Mia…

-Humpty Dumpty