Remember when we talked about life?

How it was a blessing, not filled with strife

That you live it as best as you can

Avoiding demons of stress and fate

Well, I guess I'm on my own now

For you are not the same.

Your filled with swears and negativity

Not doing much to hide stress

I guess I should have seen it coming

With how our family was spiraling down

Arguing and yelling drowning smiles

And words of kindness to words of malice

Now a cruel cycle is taking it's toll

For even I am growing bitter

Heck, the only reason I am not fully corrupt

Is because of my love and my friends

Some days I grow weary of it all

Of the shout of "G** D**n" or "P*** off"

Don't you see words can kill?

Not always physically, but internally

Remember when we talked about life?

How it was blessing, not filled with strife?

Well, with innocence finally ruined

Do you truly think that now?

My dear flesh and blood?

I felt the need to post this because I wanted to help people grow awareness of dysfunctional families. Sure, not all is abusive (including mine. I just have arguing relatives but that doesn't mean it still can't hurt the younger generation. If you see someone going through rough times, be friendly or give them a hug. (but don't be forceful because they'll just feel uncomfortable)

But anyway, I hope you liked my poem. :3 If you did, be sure to write a review for me. I'd appreciate the feed back. Farewell all and I hope you have a good day. :3 Bye bye~