It's a Thursday afternoon in Ms. K's English class and it's raining cats and dogs. "One more day." Jake whispers. Anyone else probably would have been referring to my sixteenth birthday which is tomorrow, but I know that's not what Jake means. Seven months ago in August, Jake asked me out, but I told him that I'm not allowed to date until I'm sixteen. He promised to be friends with me until my birthday and then he would ask me out again. I smiled at Jake and whispered back "Can't wait." Ms. K must have noticed me drifting off because at that moment she decided to put me on the spot. "Samantha, would you care to explain the definition of irony to the class?" I mumbled an answer and as usual my classmates shot me dirty looks for knowing the answer. Being smart is a curse and a gift. "Correct! Now you can go to the principal's office. He's expecting you." Ms. K said perkily. I glanced worriedly at Jake and he nodded for me to go.

As I walked down the hall a million thoughts crossed my mind. Why is he expecting me? Did I do something wrong? Is it a good thing? Am I receiving an award? Why didn't Ms. K say why he wants me? "Calm down Sam. It's probably no big deal." I tried to tell myself. Never have I ever gotten in trouble, but I'm not active enough in school to receive an award. Before I knew it I was standing outside the principal's office. I've never been in Mr. Henderson's office before. I wonder what it looks like. I entered his office cautiously, but instead of Mr. Henderson standing there, my parents and my brother were there."Brian!" I screamed as I ran to hug my brother. Ever since he started college back in August I rarely see him. "Hey Sammy! Mom and dad have great news for you." I eyed my parents expectantly until my dad shouted out, "We're moving!" "We want to be able to see Brian more often, so we bought a house closer to Columbia." my mom explained. Unfortunately, nerdiness runs in the family and now my brother's excellence is going to ruin my life. "When?" I managed to stutter. "Next week!" my mom said. "Brian's not home for long and we wanted him to be here when we told you the news. Isn't this great?" My parents seem so excited and I don't want to disappoint them, so I plaster a smile on my face and say "Great, I better get back to class. Bye!"

I must have looked pretty upset because as soon as I entered Ms. K's room, she asked for a volunteer to take me to the nurse. Of course the only hand that shot up was Jake's. God forbid anyone else having to be seen with Samantha. I'm not exactly the most popular girl in school. Jake walks me into the hall and then sits me down. "What's up? I know you're not sick. What did Mr. Henderson want? Are you in trouble?" I had to laugh at the idea that Jake thought I might actually be in trouble. "Mr. Henderson wasn't there. My parents were and they told me that I'm moving." "Moving? As in away from here? Away from me?" A teardrop fell from my left eye and Jake pulled me in for a hug.

The next day I tried to force a smile by thinking of how I finally get to go out with Jake, but it was no use. When I opened my locker, balloons came flying out and then Jake appeared behind me. I couldn't help but let the sides of my lips turn up. "This is it. I'll finally be able to say yes to Jake." I thought. Unfortunately, right after I thanked him for the balloons he left. "Maybe he's just waiting until later." I hoped.

This was nowhere near true. By the time I finished my homework it was 11:00pm. I took one last look at my phone to make sure that Jake didn't call and then went to bed. I tossed and turned for hours, having nightmares that I did something to make Jake hate me. After 3 hours, I finally got up, grabbed my phone, and without thinking I dialed Jake's number. "Sam? What's wrong? Its 2 in the morning." He sounded half asleep and I suddenly felt bad for calling. I was silent for a few minutes unsure of what exactly to say and then Jake broke the silence. "I know I broke my promise and I know that's why you're calling." He's not the best at comforting me. "Why though?" I managed to squeak. "You're moving. A long distance relationship could hurt our friendship. You mean too much to me." I was in tears and couldn't respond so I just dropped my phone and grabbed my pillow.