In a hole in the ground, dug by the neighbors dog
In the quicksands of the jungle
In traffic, reduced to honking your horn
On a problem in the middle of a test
Without excuses under accusing eyes
In a place where you don't belong
I'm stuck.
Stuck without words.
Without ideas.
Without thoughts
Without nouveau
Without unique.
Without hope, without light.
Without sight
Without vision.
I cannot see, what I want, what's ahead
I cannot feel
Warmth or comfort in my head
It's cold it's black it's harsh
Harsh winds, against my face
biting my nose
Confusing my mind
Whipping my thoughts
I cant bring them together.
On this paper
This paper in front of me is blank.
Lined and ready for words that don't come out.
Ready for innovation and a creation unseen to the world
Ready for me to write
Ready for me to make
Ready for me to give
Something to someone else
Ready for substance
Ready for expression
Expression of emotion
Emotions, feelings
Exciting new feelings
An eruption of glory
Glorious beginnings
Continuing to its peak
Unable to be contained

For now, I'm stuck.