Sonnet 21

Why can I not hold in these useless tears?

As I don't even know why I'm crying

How absurd, they fall in silent clear smears

Maybe my smiles I'm indemnifying

Why can't I hold at bay my useless fears?

I'm not entirely sure what they may be

As hard as I try, they have persevered

They found it as easy as 1, 2, 3

Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm depressed

I just feel hopelessly sad and lonely

I do reach highs among the lows at best

Its a secret I used to guard closely

My emotions balanced on a knife edge

Please don't let me fall off the narrow ledge

_,∙~* thoughts of mine *~∙,_

I wrote this one when I wrote sonnet 20. I was filled with sorrow when I wrote them, but as I said writing is therapeutic and I honestly felt better after I wrote them.

My use of the word 'indemnifying' isn't really accurate, I use it to mean that I think I may be compensating for being so happy.

I promise my next post will be happier :) but tell me what you think of this sonnet/post