I've found that I'm drawn to
The quiet reflections of humanity.
The softest whispers, the babbling brooks
All teeming with songs and sounds
Of the human soul; of our shared condition.

I like finding secret stories behind the eyes
Of portraits; all painted, prose and poetry
To stir the pools of consciousness;
To open windows and to draw the curtains;
To bring light to musty rooms – our minds –
To clear away the darkness.

Now see, now hear; touch, taste and know
The absolute answer; it is hiding here in the dusty corners
Between the strings of half-formed thoughts
Like cobwebs linking all the senses;

And understand the vital point;
That unanimity of purpose; of being,
That draws all the universe together;
Those strings of half-formed thoughts
Like cobwebs, weaving together to spin
The most beautiful song.