Do you smell the change in the air
To hear the calls of revolution, the few that will dare
Can you see the things not meant to be saw
Can you see the things, really, as they are?

Now that I've asked, the question of interest
Let us say something, not seen for belligerence

In one world, where we are all alone
yet we live connected simply by a phone

The traveling man, replaced by an idea
A mental picture, hidden in a suede galleria
Caressed by the darkness, yet hidden in the light
What spark of flame does revolution need to ignite?

Countries falling, revolutions calling
people dieing in a martyrs name
for reasons they can not explain...

Everyone at fault, yet no ones to blame
To those who resent, it is a solemn shame
For those who repent, damned be the name
Of any man, who can explain...

Explain the hate
Explain the virtue
Explain the love
In a plan to hurt you

Everyone knows the future, but no one knows the past
Everyone holds their own opinion, on why we won't last.
Yet, how can we move on, in a world we can't explain
If we can't even remember, the world from which we came?