Sometimes enough is enough,
the needles get too sharp,
their voices too bitter,
their eyes unforgiving,
poison drips from the lips
that used to say 'I love you'.

Sometimes you need an escape,
a window to a different place,
you can't run forever,
ball and chain to your ankle,
they push you, they bruise you,
no need to stay any longer.

They scream dirt is gold,
blindfolded by their selfishness,
they grab a gavel and judge you
for what they deem worthless,
your smile cracks, their fangs drip,
their venom stinging their own necks.

'Guilty!' their hissing resonating
in your skull, echoing against the walls,
they push you, they tear you,
to later sew you back together,
fun it is, to see you defeated,
for different, silent, they thought you were insane.

The walls are black, the floor is red,
you find yourself alone again,
no need to mask the blood and raindrops,
they caged you, they condemned you,
their foot against your neck.

Silence falls above your head,
you know there's no escape,
snarls, laughs, predator, prey,
screaming in joy for your sorrow,
lips that used to say 'I love you.'