The Slayer (Season 1)


Hunting a Hunter

Just a few moments before, John had his first mission. He faced two vampires. He succeeded in killing one but the other managed to get away:

John- And now, what are we going to do?!

He said worried:

Giles- Calm yourself, you will get him.

John- But what if he tells the other vampires about me?

Giles- We will worry about that latter. Now, come back.

As he was leaving the cemetery he saw something on the ground.

John returned, he was dressing his normal cloths:

Giles- Tomorrow you will patrol the area.

John- The same time has tonight?

Giles- Yes.

He was walking by the front door:

Giles- Hey!

John looked back:

Giles- It's okay. Really!

John gave a faint smile and left.

On his way home he was thinking that he could have done better, but has Giles told him, he needed to calm down for this was his first mission.

John returns home:

John's mother- Where were you? It's a bit late.

John- I was in the bar with the guys. Sorry.

John's mother- It's okay. But watch the clock the next time you go out.

John- Okay mom.

He went to his room, that won't be the last time that he will arrive late. One of the bad sides for being the new Slayer on the block.

As he fell in bed it didn't take long for him to fall asleep

The next day, it was weekend, Paul went to visit John:

Paul- Hi Mrs. Days. Is John home?

John's mother- Yes, he's in his bedroom.

Paul- Thanks.

He knocked on the door:

Paul- Dude, its Paul.

John- Come in.

He entered, and quickly went for the topic that was troubling him and the others:

Paul- Man what's wrong with you? Why don't you want to hang with us?

John- I'm not feeling so good.

Paul- Are you sure?

John- Yes.

Paul- Because, you have been a bit strange lately.

John- I think I'm a bit sick, that all.

He says smiling:

Paul- Well then, when you get better just call us and we all go have a drink.

John- Of course bro!

They smile.

After 20 minutes Paul leaves and joins Andrew and David that were in David's house where Paul tells them the conversation he had with John:

David- Hmm…. I thing is up to something.

He said:

Andrew- Yes, after all we are talking about John here. He is always up to something.

Paul- Your right.

At 8:00pm that night John went to meet with is Watcher:

John - I forgot to tell you something the other night.

Giles- What?

John - While I was fighting the vampires, one of them let a paper fall and I picked it up.

Giles- A paper?

He asked while John took a small piece of paper from his jeans, the paper was very old and the writing a bit blurry:

John- I will read it to you "The deadline is tomorrow, gather more vampires, the boss is waiting! - Croatoan". What do you think?

Giles- Let me take a look.

John hand over the paper where Giles could see the signature "Croatoan":

Giles- This signature isn't strange to me. Hey look! There's more.

He cleans the paper, revealing another phrase:

Giles- "If something went wrong go behind the football place. That's where the loadings will be held."

John- Alright! I know where to go.

He says already taking his costume out:

Giles- Yes! I'll search on this signature.

John gears up and leaves to the football place, 5 minutes later he arrives:

John- Did you get anything?

Giles- No, do you?

John - I arrived just now. Wait! It's him!

He recognizes the vampire that ran away the night before:

John- And appears that he's waiting for someone.

Giles- Tail him.

John- Consider it done.

2 minutes later:

John - He's kidding me right?

Giles- Why?

John- He doesn't move.

Giles- Wait.

John- I have a better idea.

Giles- What?

John- Hey! Bloodsucker, remember me?!

Giles jumps from his chair:

Giles- What?!

Vampire- You again?! Oh crap!

Starts running:

John- Wait!

John shoots once at his feet and the vampire stops:

John- I have some questions for you.

But when John gets near him he gives him a punch:

John- You are so going to regret that!

He retaliates with two punches of his own and then a jump kick making him fall on the ground:

John- Can you talk now?!

Vampire- Never!

And give him one kick in the stomach, tries to run but John cut his way with a kick in the legs and now he's kicking him on the stomach:

John - Will you talk or not?!

Vampire - I'd rather die to tell you!

John- I can do that.

And John points the gun to the vampire head:

Vampire - Alright, alright I will talk.

John- Now we are doing business.

Vampire- I work to a man named Jimmy; he claims to be the new leader of the vampires in this area because he says that Master himself gave him a very important task. I was just summoned here.

John- And what are the loadings?!

Vampire- I don't know! I swear.

John- Pleasure doing business with you.

And then John kills him:

John- Dammit, he was a dead end

Giles- Not quite.

John- What do you mean?

Giles- Well, first of all, we got bigger problems in our hands.

John- What do you mean?

He was confused:

Giles- I found what Croatoan mean.

What will Croatoan means? What will the Slayer face?

To Be Continued