Into the shadows of a life downplayed
forsake the dreams of a million hollow naves
For a face held into mud may never breathe
if it has no hope from which to save.

One brick, line by line, time after time
Stacked high onto the backs of life
Is it all struggle, could it just be strife
Or does it just say "take out a knife."

If it were to end, would the blood spell your name?
would the souls around you cry out in vain?
Or would silence befall a worthless grave
In that dark of the night was anybody saved?

A tear as solemn as the world defaced
A heart that no machine could ever replace
Is it all real or could it be fake
This journey through life, we all seem to make

It is a journey is it not, with a destination to end
Maybe ours is right around the bend
Who knew, anything you want to say
dare yourself to do it before the end of days…

Cause one more day, and it may be passion too late
The final wound that causes heart break
This what we remember, this is what we take
Lay it all upon the line before it is too late…