Chapter 3:

Lucille glumly looked out the window of the parlor. The carriage was here. She sighed, "Mama, the carriage has arrived."

Lydia came into the parlor to meet her daughter, "Thank you, Lucy." Lucille was too upset to even give a half-hearted attempt to tell her mother that her name was Lucille.

Edward, the butler was carrying a small chest. He stumbled, and Lydia flew to his side, "Edward! No! You must be careful with that! It is my china!"

Lucille sighed at her mother. That was it. That was the very last chest. Lucille looked up at the empty house. It was so large, so empty, so...depressing. Lucille would miss this house. Papa had never been here much, but to Lucille, this was home. This was where she grew up. This was her life, and yet she was being forced to move all the way to America.

Anna walked silently into the empty parlor and stood before Lucille, "Miss, Lady Lark is waiting for you in the carriage. It is time for us to depart."

Anna was the only servant that was accompanying the Larks to the New World. Lucille did not know why, only that Anna was the only one.

"Anna, why is it that only you accompany us?"

Anna swallowed nervously, "Miss, that's not really my place to say."

Lucille put a soft hand on Anna's shoulder and looked into Anna's green eyes, "You have already left your home. You know what it is like, and yet you follow us further away from your homeland. Why?"

Anna looked down, "I didn't have a choice Miss Lucille."

Lucille's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "What? What ever do you mean?"

Anna looked up, "Because I am an...indentured servant. I cannot leave."

Lucille frowned, "When did you leave Ireland?"

Anna was confused, to say the least. Lucille Lark had never shown much interest in her at all. Most rich English young women only were interested in themselves. Lucille seemed different. Deep down, Anna knew that Lucille was still a good person.

" when I was seven years of age, Miss."

"Seven!" Lucille gasped. Such a young age!

Anna nodded slightly, "We really must be going Miss."

Lucille sighed, "Yes. Yes, I know."

Anna smiled and followed Lucille out of the manor. Lucille looked back at it and sighed, "Goodbye Lark Manor."

Anna watched Lucille get helped into the carriage, before turning back to the mansion, warily.

"Slan teach bron." Anna sighed before climbing into the driver's seat, next to George, the chauffeur.

Well, there's a little bit about Anna's past! She's Irish! And she's got some secrets.

In this story, the pronunciations of Mama and Papa are: Muh-mah and Puh-pah. I just wanted to clarify that minor detail. It is not Pah-pah and Mah-mah, even though it looked like it! Lucille is BRITISH. :D