The Dutch anthem "Wilhelmus", is a really beautiful song when sung! In truth,it is one of the oldest official anthems, (the Japanese anthem was actually a poem before an anthem) and it is almost 15 minutes long when sung with 15 stanzas.

Only the first and 6th stanza are actually sung.

Here is my rendition of it to fit, if it would have been a anthem for Earth. I mixed it up a bit but also left some of the original translation in. You could pretty much sing it along with the actual anthem.

That is also why there is funky grammar going on.

Gandhi is invoked, because for the most part I draw huge inspiration from him as a non-violent peace activist; however, It really was difficult to choose who to use as I also wanted someone that would be known worldwide.

Why I use certain phrases?

"...Of Terran blood...", actually even if the usage of Terran is synonym for humans especially in Science fiction, it is also a denonym i.e it would be like saying "Earthlings", as it is refering moreso to the location rather the single species. I am more partial to this style as it includes others, not just humans.

Even if I used a human peace activist right of the bat! I tried :P

"...Creator of Universe...", this stems from me being an agnostic theist, i.e I have no proof in God nor do I have proof of his non-existence. BUT, as I am here, to write this, something(s) or someone(s) did cause this Universe to come to being even if they were tiny atoms thingies (Words, I'm good with em, eh?)

Add spaces!

Lyrics in here: wiki /Wilhelmus

Video of anthem + lyrics and translation on screen here:https: watch?v =gwBrR_G70RE&list=UU9V19RDYNkjzdD8T-ThH2fw&index=16

Note: I use the "Singable" translation version of the Dutch anthem (which includes a lot) as my basemap for this anthem

Gandhi of India, look

am I, of Terran blood.

I dedicate undying

Faith to this land of mine

As Being, am I undaunted

Of Earth, ever free

To the Creator of universe I've granted

A lifelong debtitude


A shield and my reliance,

O nature, thou ever are

I'll trust you of my home

O leave me not ungirt

That I may stay a pious

Tenant of thine for aye

And drive the sorrows that try us

And corruption away

Actual first and 6th anthem for comparison:

William of Nassau
am I, of German/Dutch (Debatable) blood.
Loyal to the fatherland
I will remain until I die.
A prince of Orange
am I, free and fearless.
The king of Spain
I have always honoured.


My shield and reliance
are you, o God my Lord.
It is you on whom I want to rely,
never leave me again.
[Grant] that I may remain brave,
your servant for always,
and [may] defeat the tyranny
which pierces my heart