Wesleigh Hope Smith was a troubled girl with a disturbing past. Alyson Marie Fawkins was just another shadow. Katie Catherine Gillespie was convinced she was a worthless waste of space. When these three girls meet by chance, luck, and a little bit of fate, a friendship beyond compare is formed that will last through heartbreak, loss, and love. The only question is: Will they ever meet.

Chapter One

Wesleigh always thought of herself as nothing. She didn't think of it like it was a bad thing, because she knew most people were. In order to be visable, you had to be someone. And, Wesleigh just wasn't. She wasn't an actress or a singer or any of those things.

No, she was just a troubled thirteen year old girl, who was used to being no one.

Another thing Wesleigh knew about herself was that she thought- a lot. She spent most of her time thinking. Not about what she was going to wear the next day or simply fantasizing about her crush, either. Wesleigh thought about real things. About who she was, why she was here, how she got here, why the Earth was the only planet with life. She thought about how people could be as stupid to think that one day they would be famous, when she knew the flooring, dream-crushing reality: Everyone is invisible. That, no matter how popular you were, no matter how good of a singer you are, no matter how many plays you've been in or how many stories you've written, you're all going to end up in a cubicle selling whatever.

Wesleigh wasn't a dreamer. She wasn't an optomist. She wasn't, although some would disagree, a pessimist. Wesleigh was a hardcore realist.

The very second the lunch bell rang, Wesleigh jumped up from her rock-hard chair in the dusty, dim math classroom and gathered her text books, stuffing them into her too small bag.

"Wes," Her friend, Heather, hissed impatiently next to her. "Hurry up!" Wesleigh rolled her eyes. Heather was in almost all of her classes, which, quite frankly, made Wesleigh angry. Heather and Wesly weren't really friends, per say; they had one mutal friend that they both wanted to keep. So, they put up with each other. Why Heather waited for Wesleigh, though, was beyond her knowledge.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Wesleigh muttered as she finished zipping up her bulging backpack. "Let's go." Heather jumped up from the desk that she was sitting on and ran out the door, her brown ponytail flopping behind her. Wesleigh, however, took her sweet time, strolling casually through the classroom and out the door behind Heather.

By the time the two got to the cafeteria, there were already two long lines forming. Heather groaned and said something snotty to Wesleigh, but she didn't pay attention. It wasn't long before they spotted Larsyn and Maria, sitting at one of the clay coloured tables. Larsyn was nibbling on a sandwich, something she ate every day, while Maria had an abnormally large slice of pizza on her plate. They were chatting aimlessly, probably talking about Mr. Mallway's sideburns and handlebar mustache. By now, Heather was halfway through the nachos line, so Wesleigh decided to just go sit down instead of eat. She wasn't very hungry, anyways.

"Hey, Wes," Maria greeted, taking a bite of her large, chesey meal. Wesleigh smiled half heartedly.

"Hey," She replied. Larsyn glared at Weleigh, something she did often, then took another bite of her sandwich.

"Where's Heather?" Maria asked. Wesleigh shrugged and bent over the table, propping her face up in her hands.

"Dunno. Nacho line, probably," Wesleigh grumbled.

"Why don't you ever eat lunch?" Larsyn asked. Wesleigh sighed. Larsyn was never really one to think before saying. Larsyn wasn't one to think in general, unless it involved coming up with plans to ruin peoples life. She wasn't very intimidating- she was only about foor and a half feet tall- but Wesleigh swore she was half demon. And she wasn't afraid to say anything.

"I'm not hungry," Wesleigh said. Larsyn eyed her suspiciously, but then dug into her sandwich and went back to ignoring her.

"Oh, my god," Maria groaned, "What the hell is taking Heather so long?!"

"Why? Did you miss me?" Heather replied, walking up to the table. Maria and Heather started chatting as soon as Heather sat down, and Wesleigh went back to feeling forgotten. It wasn't something uncommon. Whenever Heather was in the picture, all of a sudden Wesleigh turned invisible. Wesleigh pulled her lunch from her bag and silently started eating her sandwich.

"That's a huge lunch, Wes," Heather stated, "That's got to be really fattening. And, hon, that's not really what you need." Wesleigh didn't say anything. She was hoping Maria, who's been her best friend since fourth grade, might finally stand up for her.

But Maria stayed silent. As usual.

"I'm home!" Wesleigh called out as she walked through the big front door of her home. Her mother, Kristine, was on the couch, still in pajamas and watching some daytime show about couples counsuling.

"Hey, Wes. How was your day?" She asked. Wesleigh put on a smile and set her backpack on a chair.

"Good. And yours?" She replied, making her way over to the pantry and pulling out a Fruit Roll-up. Her mother pressed pause on her TV and turned to Wesleigh.

"It was fine. Mitchie got in trouble at school again," Kristine replied, sounding exasperated. Wesleigh rolled her eyes.

"Again? Damn, she's just on a roll."

"Watch your mouth."

"Sorry," Wesleigh muttered. Kristine nodded and pressed play, making her TV show resume. Wesleigh took that as her que to go upstairs. She grabbed an apple and made her way up the stairs, before going into her room and shutting the door. She pressed power on her laptop and sat on her bed, rubbing the mousepad as if that made it start faster.

When Wesleigh's laptop finally started, she acessed the Internet as quickly as possible, because it normally took forever to load. While she was waiting, she took the time to eat her apple and scribbled on a notecard. After about five minutes of waiting, the Internet was finally open and Wesleigh was in her fantasy world. She typed in the web adress- -and waited the short amount of time it took for it to load. When it did, she typed in her screen name in the log in area, as well as her password, so she could access her account.

Wesleigh used writing as an escape. She felt as if writing let her be someone else, even if it was only for a moment. And, this was where Wesleigh published her work. On a small, unknown, annonomys website.

And Wesleigh thought of it as her saviour.

Wesleigh skimmed through the new writings. She was particularly attracted to fanfiction at the time, so she clicked the tab that took her to where her favourite TV show was. She smiled at all of the people there- people she's come to know and almost love. All of these people shared the same love for the same things, but they were all complete strangers. Wesleigh found it funny how that worked. She smiled again when she realised that her own personal work had three more reviews.

Wesleigh wasn't normal. She was different. She stood out, even though she tried to ignore it.

Even though she knew ignoring it wouldn't solve anything.

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