The days a person has to live

Are numbered. Each one

Is as precious as the next.


There are days that drag

On forever, the clock

Seeming never to move.


Other days pass at high

Speeds, lasting less

Than a second, in memory.


There are days you can't

Help but feel sick and tired

Of the world you live in.


There are days you long

To curl up and let

The world pass you by.


There are days you cry

Out in sorrow and pain

From betrayal and loss.


There are days you feel helpless

And lost, like nobody cares

Or is willing to help.


Other days you want

Never to end, for the cheer

They bring is pure.


Other days you laugh

So hard your lungs ache

And you shed happy tears.


Other days you feel

Like great things could

Happen, and they do.


Other days your heart is full

Of joy, and love

Is never absent.


The days a person has to live

Are numbered. Tomorrow

Could always be your last.


So despite the heartache, pain,

And sorrow of today - Remember

The yesterdays with fondness.