Isabel Cortez was in the abandoned house with Adele Wilson; they were looking through her dad's book of shadows to see if they can learn anything from the book, there were pages of spells that were used by their parents for things that were trivial like love, hypnotism and markings, it didn't lead them to anywhere of what was going on with their parents at the time of their circle.

It was the night after the disastrous Halloween party, where the witches wanted a day to be normal and fit in with the humans in this small town, until Jenny Blackwell and Jeff Vernon had to use magic for their own amusement to ruin it for everybody else, and their leader Skyler Grey got hurt so Isabel had experienced her healing ability to heal his severe burns from the fire.

As a result of their consequences, the circle was bound so most of the circle members were allowed to read the thoughts of other members when not even knowing, the problem with it is that there is no solo magic which means that Jenny and Jeff will have to stay out of trouble for their own good.

Isabel was exploring the pages of the book, trying to figure out what was in there that sparked interest, turning each page with the tip of her fingers; the weather was warmer than the previous two days as it never is in Quilcene. They hit page 233 of the book, the page was on:

To seal a demon inside a host

Ad obsignandum bestiam in
Exercitus huius ad carnificare
ad salvandum

A Millie Peterson

The spell was in Latin so Isabel perfectly understood what it was. The spell was to seal a demon inside a person called Millie Peterson. This girl's photo fell out of the book; she had long brown wispy hair, blue eyes and ashen white skin, she was smiling in this picture. Isabel's father told her that he went to high school with this girl and was friends with her; she was a human so something must have happened to her to have a creature inside of her.

Her father never told her about what had happened because it was a sensitive issue for him as he was the one that sealed it inside of her. Isabel was curious of what had happened to her, it could lead back to what happened to their parents 16 years ago. Isabel was familiar with the symbols of the wall. She could see a lot of trapping spells in Henry Wilson's book; it seems that he had to do a lot of that for the safety of the people in this town from the evils of the supernatural beyond any human imagination.

"What is this?" Adele asked

"My dad told me that someone realised demons" Isabel replied


"For power"

"And this girl was possessed"

"My dad had to seal it inside her" Isabel said coldly as Adele winced. Adele was feeling an overwhelming rush of blood to her head, she was the emotional one in the circle so hearing stuff like this only existed in fairy tales for her so Isabel put her arm around her blonde friend, rubbing her shoulder with her warm hand

"That's horrible but it was right" Adele replied as she shrugged along with her new best friend

"Where does she live?"

"Half way across town"

"I don't get it"

"She might know something about our parents"

"Like she went to school with them"

"What if she really needs help?"

"I don't think this is in our realm of witchcraft"

"How do you know where she lives?"

"I have clairvoyance"

"Like a sixth sense"

"I can find people just by thinking about them"

"Maybe I could help"

"What, no offence but you are the new girl so what can you do"

"I can read Latin for starters"

"Let's call the others"

"The boys are not around so the girls can help"

"Jenny and Tara don't like you and Kristy's great"

"So let's go"