Meanwhile Adele and Isabel were outside of Jenny's car, sitting on the front hood, holding each other, the starry sky was pitch black full of white clusters in the sky, they were just upset, saddened, also humbled at the same time. Isabel was on Adele's shoulder, looking at the little sparks in the sky.

"It's nice out here" Isabel said quietly

"I like stars as well" Adele replied

"What Tara and Jenny said, it's true?"

"Don't ever listen to them?" Adele said as she put her hands on Isabel's cheeks gently


"They are trying to get you to quit the circle"

"Are they jealous?"

"You have great power and they are just jealous of you"

"Do you really think that or are you just saying to control my emotions?"

"I'm telling the truth, just read my mind if you don't believe me" Adele said as she was shaken so Isabel looked deeply into those bright blue eyes then she sensed something

"Sorry about that"

"See I was telling the truth"

"I just have a lot on my plate"

"Tara can be nice but only when she wants to"

"It's me isn't it?"


"I'm a threat to Tara and Skyler's family bond"
"It's just her being a sadist"

"We are best friends, right"

"Why would you ask that?"

"Before I moved here, I never had a best friend"

"Well, you do have one now"

Isabel never had a friend like Adele before; most of the people she was surrounded by in New Hampshire were pretentious witches that were bad so she never had many friends in that place because witches teased her for being Paula's daughter and ugly for their standards, it seems that being herself got her into a lot of trouble with the locals.

Paula Doomflower hadn't always been evil; she was once a sweet woman that loved her five year old brunette daughter one time in her life, then she started changing, her demonic black magic took over her, she was weak and gentle as she wasn't strong enough to fight it as her magic because both her parents George, a demon and Ellen, a witch weren't much help as Paula killed them first, it started her hunger for power by killing other witches to get strength.

Jenny, Tara and Kirsty were outside looking at Isabel and Adele sitting on the hood like a couple of lovesick puppies, on the other hand Kirsty found it a bit sweet and sedimental that the two of them were sharing this moment as friends and circle sisters.

The other three girls were walking towards the car, pacing as if they were in a hurry to get somewhere. Isabel and Adele were aware of the presence of Kirsty, Jenny and Tara so she opened the car with her best friend's keys to get into the driver's seat; Jenny was next to her, Adele, Isabel and Kirsty were in the back again.

The car was functioning properly as Tara was driving through the road to get back to Quilcene; the whirring of the engine is what all she heard as she was the one behind the wheel. Kirsty, Adele and Isabel were reading the Emma book in the car together as they were all interested in this old novel.

Jenny was next to Tara in the front, she put on Rock Goddess on the cassette, and it was some old ignored back in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene in the 70s-80s. It was unfair because Adele and Kirsty hated heavy metal music but Isabel was indifferent to what music was playing in the car as long as it doesn't dampen her concentration of reading Emma. Jenny turned her head around at the front to be talking to Kirsty about favourite local rock n roll stores. So Isabel was absorbing all the information of the gossip by her circle sisters.

"Isadora, I'm sorry" Jenny joked

"Say it like you mean it, Jen" Kirsty replied

"Fine, sorry, is that good enough"

"Almost" Adele said seriously as she was aware of what was going on

"God, what I do is never good enough, just almost"

"Jen, you need to be more responsible for your own actions"

"I'm sorry if I ruined everybody's chance at solo magic, I can't help but be bad"

"Sometimes I treat you like your mother"

"Why, cuz you are a goody-goody two shoes"

"Please, just stop it, the two of you, you are acting like an old soap opera couple" Isabel yelled

"She's right" Tara said while stooping at the red light

"We have to put our differences aside"


The light turned green as Tara drove though the only road back home. Kirsty was suspicious of what was really happening, why are demons coming now, after five seventeen year old girls that are bound to a circle as the girls were far too young to start this kind of thing, a thing their parents were doing to ensure their children were safe from monsters that want to hurt them for their powers.

Tara was a clean cut driver as she got 70/70 on her theory and 40/40 on her practical driving test so she was a good driver. When Tara was driving back into Quilcene, past the abandoned house where they were in the afternoon investigating any kind of witchy evidence that could lead them into finding out what could have happened to their parents sixteen years ago. The girls were all smiling silently as either one wanted to see any of the others see them smile.