A thorn in your side.

The glass in your eye.

The sand in your shoe.

That little nagging dog

Who you kick to the side.

Do you stop and think?

Just a moment, just a thought.

Fleeting as it may be.

Do you think of me? Or the thorn,

Or the glass or the sand or the puppy.

We feel ignored,

That is why we are present.

We can't bear to know,

You have forgotten.

You can't forget.

Even if you want to, it'll kill us.

What are we without your attention?

In this big, big world.

I don't see why you, just you.

Should be everything, the sun.

The moon, the sky and the sea.

How do you outshine even them?

The most beautiful mountains and but ant holes.

Diamonds are ugly, course.

No perfume could match you.

Why am I just the bystander?

Why can't I be on that podium too?

You must care, surely?

Surely? Surely?

It isn't in vein, it can't be.

What would I be if it was?

The word is just there,

On the tip.

I don't dare say it, nor do you.

Just let me pine, i'll be the thorn in your side.

If it makes me something.