Bad in purpus

Bie Coralinne Helmis

Chapta 1: Hut Docters ur Hut

(AN: This story is a trolling attempt. The spelling and grammar are bad on purpose. The only place that will be readable will be the Author's Notes. And working on 3 stories won't be easy, so don't be surprised if I take a break from one of the stories. By the way, the chapter is called… Hot Doctors are Hot. Sorry, you have to guess the chapter name.)

Hello I ark Emoreld Opjwlia Taben Ypung. i have prety wong har thet ish bond and Amerold collored i's (what's ho I get mi na) and mi BFFFFFFF is cold Laria an we har fon stuff 2geter. I will tell u bout one…

One sonny eving mi and mi friend Laria walked to wchol and we notished a bird an it poped into mo had so I wes scraming and stuf. Then I fell doiw a whole and hit me hed so Larie has two cal the huspittallllll. It hort bedli so i crid.

I opned mj is in da hospital end saw a docter. "U had nin maonth to wiw, Emoral." e sad. E wi s nut old an stuf he wa s hut. "If i hev nina muths to liw, can I hav secs wit som1 ang evin if I got pregnamt it wond matter?" he nodded. I smild. I hat somting in mond.

(Translation, just in case someone tries to illustrate it, aka, TJICSTTII: Hello. I am Emerald Ophelia Raven Young. I have pretty, long hair that is blond and Emerald colored eyes (That's how I got my name.). And my BFF is called Laura and we have fun stuff together. I will tell you about one…

One sunny evening, Me and my friend Laura walked to school and we noticed a bird. It pooped on me, so I started to scream and stuff. Then I fell down a hole and hit my head. Laura had to call the hospital. It hurt badly, so I cried.

I opened my eyes in the hospital and I saw a doctor. "You have nine months to live, Emerald." He said. He was not old and stuff; he was hot. "If I have nine months to live, can I have sex with someone? Even if I get pregnant, It wouldn't matter, right?" the doctor nodded. I smiled. I had something in mind.