"I love you, babe"

Days of the end,

I wonder still why you said those words,

You helped my soul to mend,

You cut my pain with a metaphoric sword.

Who did you think you were,

Giving me the obsessions cure,

I didn't mean to get so close,

You were my drug with every dose.

I try so hard to keep things from you,

But you know the psychics too,

I bet you know the truth as much as I,

When you walked away under blue wintry skies.

I'd wish it not to be true,

But who am I to judge,

You too have been through a lot though your vibrant personality gives away no clue,

On this land and at that place where we both did trudge.

You said you no longer had time for me,

But I think the truth is you wanted to flee,

You have another so much better than I,

His personality and mine though are almost a tie.

So why'd you say what you said,

Why'd you comfort me and fall asleep in my bed,

Why'd you say, "I love you, babe." to me,

Guess I'll never know cause we hardly talk anymore, and don't they all say that communication is key?