Disclaimer- I am NOT being racist

Sky had darkened, transitioning from its bright blue hues to that of a midnight dream. Stars were out shining bright and overlooking the little lagoon which still looked as angelic and pristine as ever, as if diamond dust had enclosed upon its wake. Yet it was but the hours of late dusk and when everything was out and about as such. The tropical trees looked almost dead in that midst of wake. Yet it was s beautiful, one could actually just die for such scenery.

And still there was the lobe weeping figure somewhere up in that large Italian balcony. She loved witnessing this sort of a sight where the stars and moon would portray out its natural grace yet it never seemed to appeal to her that day. All she wanted to do was flop down and wail, which she was doing, albeit standing and holding her head in sadness and wallowing in it all.

Long black hair covering her visage like a veil, her radiant face was stained with tears. Her pretty green eyes were welling up in faster minutes than imagined. Body now feeling heavy and weak, she wanted nothing more than to just cut herself from the entire world, but not without a hearty crying session. It was necessary for her to liberate her soul after all; it was but natural for her, suppressing all her emotions would be criminal on her side. Yet she was furious. She was being weak, a soft hearted girly-girl which the whole world condemned. She wanted someone else to comfort, yet it seemed so incredibly wrong- this was her problem, not theirs!

Crying is for sissies!" she attempted consoling herself, but what was the point? Such philosophies would do more harm than good and she knew it- yet she deliberately treaded over dark waters. All artists do that, don't they? Maybe, but who knew, who cared? This was a problem she wished to remove from its roots, but how was that ever to have happened? Not any way she could have known, that's for sure.

He was her biggest mistake. No matter how hard things were, he was always a pessimist, a cold taker who was hell bent on making her feel guilty for even the slightest provocation or misdemeanour against him. He was the one who stole her artistic want, the desire to create a work of wonder by her, in the most seductively manipulative ways. He subjugated her into wanting a man, a partner she never dreamed of having, just going into the relationship initially to keep him comforted. Yet she fell into that twisted web of deceit and lies, and who was to blame? Maybe her or him? She hardly ever even knew him, just doing this as a friendly duty.

People would probably inculcate her into feeling guilty, being a lady and all. After all, what more was the job of a woman to be a manipulative plaything of society who secretly had contempt for every living creature but themselves? Their narcissism and contempt seeped through their veins and it never had to be forced, but coercing induced. Her teeth gnashed at how she could fall for this and more importantly, how he could be so inconsiderate about anything? She was used to his apathy and almost misanthropy, although it had ticked her off occasionally, yet he just disappears without a trace? That was harsh, cruel and almost cowardly.

"I can't do this anymore- you've crossed your limits." Was what she remembered him say?

Maybe she had, after all, his rhetoric was so powerful she couldn't help but agree. Yet he had been kind at times, teaching her many things about life. So imagining this to be the end was just plain wrong. Eventually, things would work out, right? No- he just behaved colder, almost hostile as if he viewed her as a death threat to him.

What was she to do now?

Just then, she heard footsteps running onto the balcony and almost slipping, the speed with which was astounding. She tried to look up, but as so consumed with grief that she buried her head again and cried, only softer. Finally, the stranger right behind spoke up.

"Elisabetta? What are you doing here?"

Ah yes, it was him. Naoto, her pen friend.

She tried not to look up, yet she smiled. Muffling her tears, she just spouted out "Nothing, just here to check out the view."

The boy looked a little disappointed. "Oh, I see. You love this sort of stuff. But honestly, why do you sound so... forlorn?"

At last she broke down. He could read her mind so well.

"Harry dumped me! Without even telling me, he just ran away...!"
She wailed. Noah's voice started choking hearing this- he knew how much Elisabetta loved him so. What could he possibly do? Even if he was a close friend of hers, he had no idea on what exactly could he do for her. Girls were inexplicable and complicated, that he knew. Yet Elisabetta, he knew her far too well. Even hearing this shocking piece of news made his blood boil intensely with a voracious passion. He thought of listening to her, but for some reason he felt he never needed to. Her words were much more than enough.

"You know, Ellie, I do feel sorry for you, but what can I possibly say?" he wanted to say that, but he knew- now was no time for rational thinking, now was time to vent out the inexplicable sorrow an initially independent artist like her never knew.

After a few minutes, he mustered up the courage and walked up to her. Not facing her, he put a hand over her shoulder, while she was still in the midst of tears. "You know, Elisabetta- Harry may have had his mistakes, I can't deny that. I do know he's horrible and cold; he does not deserve someone like you. You are much more than just this- figure it this way- one day, you'll be far ahead of this bugger than ever known. You are an artist- life is but a muse from which you draw inspiration, you'll never know- if not a better guy, you'll certainly be better off without him. Maybe you'll know who it will be, but my heart is always with you. If you don't have him, you still have me. That's for sure. I'll be there for you- that's what we friends are for. And I know for sure- you'll be the greatest and most beautiful soul ever- now that I mention it, you already are. You are the kindest and pretties soul I have ever met- nobody sane would ever deny you. Bring that independent soul out, let it shine- free from fear, subjugation and revenge. Mark my words. You'll be out of this faster than the wind itself."

For a few seconds, she stopped crying. What did he just say to her? All she knew that it was beautiful, even if she never got the words, spoken in his language. She turned round, only to see him falter away and back off faster. Naoto smiled. It was sweet ion itself. "Well, I'll be seeing you round, then." He just blurted that out and disappeared briskly. Elisabetta was even more curious as to how this happened. "Where are you going?" she called out and tried to follow him, but he was too fast for her. "Come back!" but as she tried to follow him, she tripped over a stone, now too broken to follow him.

Naoto ran away, feeling ashamed fro saying this to her. Even if she never knew the words, he did that on purpose, it still made him feel horrible. He'd never get to see her face normally after this, why would he not feel that way? It was pretty embarrassing, but well- someone had to know.

He loved her. He really did.

But now that was just something like fantasy, meant to be broken...