Chapter 1

Remm lay there enjoying the sun shining down on him as he rested on the low roof of a building overlooking the market. As he listened to sounds of the hustle and bustle that he had grown so accustom to over the years he wondered what he should do today. His schedule, as usual, was completely empty. Since running away from the orphanage five years ago at twelve, he has had nothing to do other than find food and a place to rest his head for the night. Deciding he had been lazy long enough he sat up and stretched. Walking over to the edge of the roof he took in the scene of the square on market day.

Teeming masses of people ebbed and flowed from stall to stall. Shouts could be heard as haggling and negotiations were carried out in every stall. But best of all were the smells. Because underneath the stench of so many bodies so close together was the sweet aroma of market foods. Rolls freshly baked, meat roasted on skewers and dripping in its own juice and fish fried on the fire giving off such a sweet and mixed aroma. Yeah it is definitely time to eat, he thought.

Slipping off the roof into the back alley Remm took in who was around the street closest to him. Looking through the horde of people he sees a few of the regular venders hawking their wares. Then he catches sight of what he's looking for. Brath, the old grizzled cook who lost his leg in some kind of accident years back. He was set up and cooking his famous pork chunks on a skewer. His pork was so good you could use it as gold in certain parts of the city. Perfect, Remm would be having lunch fit for a king.

Gonna have to time it just right. Luckily the crowd seems to be distracting him today and he let his guard down. Odd but Lucky. Alright It's Go time.

He slipped into the crowd doing his best "I dont exist" impression. Working his way ever closer to his targe. Brath had just caught sight of a customer and devoted everything he had to reeling in the sell. With his attention diverted Remm slipped in and quick as a flash two skewers and a roll were gone and he was already moving on. Then he heard an angry shout that he didn't take the time to decipher and decided it best to bolt. He zigzagged through the crowd trying to get some distance before the Guard showed up.

After making it to the other side of the square he slowed up. It's best not to attract too much attention and just slip away quietly. And just as he started to relax and consider his prize he heard a thunk.

He realized what had happened when he woke up with a splitting headache.

Damn, Should've scanned the crowd closer. Must've been more guards than I thought.

Looking around he noticed two guards that he didn't recognize standing near him talking quickly with Brath. He tried to stand, thinking maybe he could slip away quick and quite, only to realize his hands were chained.

"Damn" he swore quietly.

It was then that Brath noticed he was awake. He gave a sneer that was pure delight in Remm's situation. The guards took notice and turned to address their catch as Brath turned back towards his stall. The guards, Remm noticed, looked almost like brothers. Maybe they were cousins or some other distant relation. They were both sort of tall. Average guard build with a decent build made from drilling every day. Not warriors but able to handle miscreants. They both had the same dumb look on their face as if forever slightly confused. The only real way to tel them apart was that one had blonde hair cut in the the typical guards short style. And the other had red hair and very pale skin.

"Well, well look what we have here Brody." Blondie said.

"Looks like a rat that is trying to munch on good peoples food." Brody sprayed. Turns out the red haired one had a problem with spitting while he talked.

"What should we do with him Brody? Usually it's just best to put rats down before they cause to much trouble right?"

"Definitely best to put them down early Shan."

Damn, Damn, Damn. This does not look good. Cuffs are too tight to slip. Nowhere to run even if I could get up, Which judging by this pair I'd make it half way up before I got another knot on my head.

"Should be fun to watch him rot in the dungeons for a while." Sham said.

"Alright, It's decided. You're gonna love your new home."

Well…. What's one more knot. It's now or never and what can it hurt.

As Brody bent down to grab his arm Remm shot out a quick kick aim at his shin. With a cry he fell forward as Remm was already up and moving. Shan was right on his heels and Brody was already recovered and following. Sprinting down the alley he looked for something, anything that could help. It wasn't easy to keep his balance his hand chained behind his back but he had to keep going. He took a right and a quick left hoping to lose them and buy some time. But he is brought to a stop at the sigh on a solid fence that he has no hope of climbing the way he is.

"Damn!" How the hell did I find the one dead end on this side of the city? I've gotta keep moving and maybe get out before I'm trapped.

"Ha. Got the rat now."

"Not a nice stunt back there kid, kicking me like that. Now I can't take you in without repaying the favor."

Given the evil smirk on his face Remm knew he had kicked the wrong guard. This was gonna hurt and hurt bad.

I need a way out of this. I can't be here. Damn these chains.

Starting to sweat from the effort of running and pulling on the chains he knew he was in trouble. He'd heard rumors of guard's permanently injuring those who ran. And that was as good as a death sentence these days. Not being able to work meant no money or food. His heart raced and his hands ached as he pulled harder and harder. The chains dug into his skin but he did his best to ignore the pain. His desperation grew as the guards stalked closer and closer ready to pounce on their trapped rat.

His heart was racing so fast he was sure he would pass out. His hands burned from pulling. He kept pulling anyway trying to ignore it. The burning got worse and the heat coming off his hands intensified. He was so sure his hands would be burned beyond repair. As it reached its worst and he was on the verge of passing out the guards pulled up short looking confused and slightly afraid. It was then Remm noticed a light bright enough to make him squint but with no real source. He could barely make out Brody and Sham covering their eyes and hear their cries of confusion.

Then… it was gone. Just like that. No heat, no light and no chains. It was all gone. Pulling his hands in front of him, Remm stared. Dumbly wondering what happened to the chains.

Hearing the sound of a boot fall he looked up in time to see the club come down and crack him just above the left ear.

Then….. nothing