Another poem written for the workshops in my Creative writing class last semester. I think I fed off of the emotions and things that were happening while we were in the process of moving from the house into the apartment (just without all the drama).


The rush of change,

So quick it leaves you reeling.

As you put away the memories,

and the belongings held so dear.

You stop and look around.

The room is looming large and empty.

Was it always this big?

You travel from room to room now,

making sure nothing is left behind.

Again you stop and look around.

So much has happened.

Are you ready?

Walking towards the door,

You grab the last box.

Taking it to the car,

you close the door on the old.

As you secure yourself,

You look back at the house.

Taking a deep breath,

Is it over?

Yes, It is over.

It is time to start anew