Later that night, after the supper had been taken, Lorena retired herself to the back porch to do some whittling. Lorena had taken up whittling when she had been just a young sprout. She had seen her pa do it quite often, and he had taught her how.

John stood in the doorway of the cabin, glaring out into the darkness of the night. The sun hadn't quite set and there was a streak of bright orange plastered across the horizon. He found himself much tired after the long day of constant arguing with his daughter. He had given into his tiredness, and it seemed to drain everything from him. He felt like sleeping, yet he couldn't get his mind off Lorena's stubbornness.

Lorena sighed deeply. She dug deeper into the piece of timber she carved at. Her mind began to wander, as it did often when she felt stressed. Often she thought of getting on one of the work horses and riding away, but the work horses were not broke to ride. She'd surely be hurt if she tried to ride one, though they were gentle enough to drive.

"You'll like Kansas," John finally said, breaking the silence. "Your Uncle Ken has plenty 'a horses you kin ride," he said.

As much as she liked horses, she liked living in Arkansas more.

"I'm done talkin' bout this," Lorena said.

She stood up and swept inside the cabin. She grabbed her hat from the back of a chair and placed it on her head. It was a decent night out; she would go for a walk down to the river. She grabbed her ma's old double barrel from the corner. Once she made sure it was loaded, she put it over her shoulder, and strode out the cabin.

John looked at her oddly.

"Since I'm goin' to Kansas, I'm goin' down to visit the river one last time," she answered his questioning gaze. She acted as if she'd never be back. It worried John, but he didn't restrict her from going. She knew how to handle a gun well enough; no one would bother her way out here anyway. They were almost twenty miles away from the nearest town, which was Fort Smith.

Lorena took off down the road at a slow pace. It was only about half a mile to the river, and she'd take her time getting there.

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