Behind the door there is a tapping

Endlessly tapping so softly

Here to emit forevermore

I listen to it, not understanding what is happening

Never had I, in all of my days

Dare witness such a strange thing

Till one day, I too curious to deny my wonder

Hopped out of my wooden chair

Ever so in mesmerizing thought

Does what dwell so peculiarly? I pondered

Oh what does the thing beg for?

Of what is worth such strange tapping?

Roughly it does not knock, but just a tap

The floor under my soft feet creaked

Hoots and howls came from beast of the unknown

Everything slowed down with each step

Rasping with fear, I dwelled on.

Emanuel, surely, will forgive me.

I stopped in my own tracks, and my hand reached out

Slowly, ever so slowly, my pale fingers gripped the knob

No breath is taken

Only silence bears in the night

Tis only silence and thought

He must miss me, my dearest

I miss him too

No, this cannot be

Gone was my love, yet here Emanuel stands before me