Chapter One

"The Beginning!"

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Diana. When she was just one year old a snake almost bit her but she grabbed it and threw it away. Her mommy was scared but her daddy saw she was really really strong and started teaching her how to fight. When she was six a monster came to the village and attacked people. Her daddy and the other men went to fight it. Her mommy wanted her to stay safe at home but Diana wanted to fight it. So she got a sword that was bigger than her and she went out to help her daddy fight the monster.

But she got lost in the forest and couldn't find her daddy or anybody. But she heard a hissing. It was the monster! It had a goat head with long horns and four arms and it had a snake tail but not legs. It had long fangs that dripped poison and it jumped at her!

Diana swung her sword. Clang! The monster was hard like a rock and her sword broke! So Diana tried to hit it but it hurt her hand. So she started running away and the monster chased her.

Oh no! Diana fell in a big pit! And she fell and fell and fell and landed in cold water. It was so cold! She swum out and looked around. She was in a big cave. She walked down the cave and she saw a glow. The glow was from a sword stuck in the wall. She grabbed the sword and pulled and pulled and rip! The sword came out of the wall!

Diana knew she had a magic sword cause it glowed. Now she could fight the monster! But how could she get out of the big deep dark cave? She kept walking and walking and the only light was her magic sword or she'd see nothing at all but dark.

Then she saw a light up ahead. She came out of the cave and she was by the river. She ran all the way back home and rocks hurt her feet cause she had no shoes on but she couldn't stop because she had to fight the monster.

When she got home her village was on fire! Cause the monster could breath fireballs. All the women and children were running around screaming and the men were still in the forest looking for the monster. The monster was just about to set her house on fire. Diana yelled and ran at the monster and it spit fire and poison at her. But Diana tripped and fell down and that saved her. Then she got up and she attacked the monster with her magic sword. And the monster yelled because the magic sword hurt and it breathed fire on her and it really really hurt! But Diana kept hitting it with her sword even though she was burned.

At last the monster tried to run away. Diana threw her magic sword at it and KA-BOOM! It exploded throwing fireballs all over.

Diana had saved her village!

But Diana was burned bad and they had to get a wizard to take away her burns. And when she was all better the whole village cheered and told her she was a great hero.

And Diana was only six so her adventures had just started.

The End