Chapter Two

"A Frog and Some Lizards"

Diana had killed the monster but her village was all burned up and everybody had to make new houses. Diana was very strong so she helped by carrying logs. It was really really hot and after she'd carried a hundred logs she got tired and went to the lake. Diana wasn't a good swimmer but she wasn't a bad swimmer. She swam to a big rock. She climbed on the rock to rest.

Hey! The rock was moving! What kind of rock moved? Then she saw it wasn't a rock. It was a giant frog! It shook her off. Splash! She fell in the water. The giant frog opened its big huge mouth. It had big teeth. Gulp! It ate Diana!

Was that the end of our hero? No it wasn't! Diana started hitting the frog inside its stomach. Pow! Pow! Pow! The frog went Rib-blah! And threw her up. Splash! Diana fell in the water again. But now she was all ewww with frog throw up all over her.

"You stupid frog!" Diana yelled. "I'll teach you for eating me!" The giant frog tried to eat her again but this time it was gonna bite her to pieces so she couldn't hit its tummy again. But Diana grabbed the frogs mouth and she put her legs around the frog's tummy and they wrestled like men sometimes wrestler gaters. They rolled around and around in the water.

At last the giant frog stopped fighting. Diana swam to land and fell down in the mud on her face. Goosh! Yuck! She was all muddy now. But she was too tired to care. Maybe if she hadn't carried all those logs she'd have won easier. But now she was so tired she fell asleep in the mud.

There was footsteps. Not people footsteps. These went splat splat splat. It was lizard men! They had big flat feet. They were like frog feet but had big black toenails. They saw Diana asleep.

"Look!" one lizard man said. "Dinner!"

So they picked up Diana and took her to their village to cook her for dinner. And Diana was so tired she never woke up until she was dumped in a big pot. Splash!

Diana woke up. Where was she? She looked up at a lizard lady. She was cutting up carrots and dropping them on her.

"Hey!" Diana yelled. "I'm not dinner!'

"Yes you are!" the lizard lady said. "You shut up and cook!"

"No I won't shut up and cook!" Diana yelled. "You let me out of here!" Diana tried to grab the lizard lady and pull her in the pot but her arms were too short. She tried to clime out of the pot but the pot was too slippery and she kept falling back in. She tried to jump out but she couldn't jump that high and kept falling back in. And it was getting hot in the pot!

Oh no! It looks like the end for Diana! Don't miss part two!

I gotta thank my big sister for telling me how to spell lizard. I was spelling it lizerd.