Chapter 1


My name is Sophia Pearson. I am 17 years old, I have long dirt blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, I,m skin but with curves, and I'm about 5'9. I'm pregnant the only people who know I'm pregnant is my big brother Jace and my twin sister/best friend Claire. The father of my baby's name is Masen Cole. Jace and Claire keep telling me I have to tell Masen about the baby and I'm planing on telling him soon I just don't know how I'm going to tell him. I know I'll have to tell him soon because I'm already 10 weeks and I'll start getting a little baby bump.

"Come on Kitty you have to tell him. What are you afraid of?" My best friend Claire asked

" Fine you want to know what I'm afraid of Claire! I'm afraid he is going to hate me and our baby. Our families hate each other, he's the quarterback of our schools biggest rival and he's the most popular boy in that school! and I love him." I said between sobs

"Sis, you never know whats going to happen until you try. Just tell him and if he doesn't want anything to-do with your baby, Claire and I will be with you to help you out. ok?"

"Ok Jace. Love you guys"

"Love you too Soph."

"I'll tell him after the game tonight."