The Slayer (Season 1)


Working Undercover

John returns to the house, the thoughts of what the meaning of "Croatoan" is worry him very much:

John- So what does Croatoan means?

He says almost out of breath:

Giles- You came running?

John- Pretty much…

Giles- Okay then, I've discovered the keeper of this signature.

John- Who?

From one of the shelves, Giles takes out a big brown book labeled "The Master":

Giles- The Master of the vampires, which is the meaning of this word.

John- You're talking about Dracula, right?

That's when Giles reveals how wrong John was:

Giles- No. I'm talking about Dracula's own offspring, he has no name but as soon as he was born, or unborn, no one knows exactly, he immediately took charges over the vampire race.

John- Why?

Giles- Dracula was locked away and the Master was the next in line, so, the vampires begun to call him Master. And so he is named.

John- So, you think that this Jimmy is the Master?

Giles- No, The Master himself is locked in a place called the Hell-mouth.

John- Hell-mouth?

Giles- Yes, it's a prison created especially for him. He was locked there after the Great War.

John- The Great War?

Giles- I'll tell about it to you later.

Those words were like walking in a maze for John, he had entered in a universe that he didn't dream about existing, what was left for him to do was, adapt:

John- I have a question? How can he orchestrate all of this if his inside the Hell-mouth?

Giles- I don't know. I'll keep investigating in this book.

John- In the meantime, I must go to the place where the loading are going to be made and crash the party.

Giles stops reading and looks at him:

Giles- No.

John- Why?

Giles- We need to find out what the loadings are.

John-I kill them and then find it out?

Giles- No.

John- What? Then what am I supposed to do? Go with them and help them out?

He says ironically:

Giles- Correct.

John- Well, first of all I don't have fangs. And second, if a get fakes ones, how am I going to carry my weapons?

Giles- First I will give you some fake ones, they won't notice. Second, you'll carry a gun with you.

John- Even so, how will they make sure that I'm one of them?

Giles shows him the paper with the signature:

John- Right! I'm going in the place of the one I killed earlier.

Giles- Correct!

John- I'm going to play out as a spy. I'll be like James Bond!

He says smiling:

Giles- Look, I just want you to be less reckless.

John- I know, don't worry about it.

It was 23:24pm as John returned home.

His parents, now with this late night exits are thinking that he was doing drugs and were planning on taking him to a doctor, also, while John was out David sent him a text message but John had forgot to read it:

"Dude, hope you are getting better, tomorrow we will meet near the church and then we will swing by the bar. If you're feeling good, come with us"

It was Sunday, and John rested the whole afternoon while watching a movie, mentally he was preparing for what the night would bring.

At the House:

Giles- Don't forget to look on the most unsuspicious places okay, because apparently the football court was the place where they would make the loadings. But who knows, maybe that was a code for another place?

John- No problem.

Giles- I'm serious! You HAVE to be careful.

John- Hey! You're talking to me.

Giles- That's what I'm afraid of.

He leaves.

John looks for them in the cemetery, then he passes by the football court, but, as Giles suspected, no one was there:

John- These guys are hard to find.

Then, as he walked by the near alley, he saw a green van, intrigued by that vehicle, John followed it from a distance, the van was moving slowly. They park near the church and then he sees three vampires coming out:

John- Giles? I've found the bastards.

Giles- Talk about luck right? Go meet with them.

John cleans the sweet from his forehead, he knew that if he failed in this he would probably be killed but still, he approaches them and showed them the latter:

V- Great, the more of us the better

John- Yes. Indeed.

V2- I've heard that there is a new Slayer on town. Have you found him?

John- How do you know it's a "him"?

V2- I'm just saying, why?

John- Nothing, nothing, well, when the delivery comes?

He says in hopes of changing the subject.

Then, for John's relieve that a truck as arrived and inside it came out four vampires not counting with the two that were in the front seat.

V3- We got the delivery.

V2- And we got the blood.

Was then that John noticed that there were 5 boxes inside the van, all with what seemed to be frozen blood in:

Giles- My god!

John- I know.

V- Who are you talking to?

John- No one.

Then the impossible happens, John's friend appeared at the other end of the street, and as they looked at the church's parking lot, they saw the vampires loading the frozen blood into the truck:

V- Who are they?

V- Kill them!

John- Sorry folks, but I can't let you do it.

And with three bullets, John killed 3 vampires.

One comes at him, gives him a punch but John retaliates with one header, another vampire grabs him and then another one gives him punches in the stomach, John let the gun fall on the ground.

The one that was holding him lets him go and John falls in the floor:

V- The poor Slayer is doomed.

John- Guess again!

John had grabbed the gun and kills the others and the jumped to the truck:

John- Step on it! The Slayer killed the others!

The vampire that was driving the truck speeded up and they left:

Giles- Where are you?

John- Heading to Jimmy's base!

Giles- Then find out what is he up to and crash his plans.

John- Right away! Also, I think that I'll wait for some excuse for my folks.

Giles- yes, I have something for this situation.

As Giles was about to call John's parents, in another place:

Paul- Have you seen that?!

Andrew- Yes, those guys weren't from around?

David- And that one was fighting them?

Andrew- This looks like something out of a movie.

Are John's friends closing to the truth?

In the truck:

John- One thing guys, where are we going exactly?

V- Beja.

John- Beja?

V2- Yes, in a warehouse.

John- Thanks.

30 minutes later, they arrived at an old warehouse in the outskirts of the city, on the gates of the precinct there were 2 vampires:

Gate v1-You are late.

V- Yes, we were attacked but the blood is safe.

Gate v1- Then get inside, the boss is waiting.

When John came out of the truck he saw a warehouse, with stairs leading to a couple stairs on top, it was also full of boxes and in the end of it was a door that seemed to lead into another room.

From it, a guy dressed with a long red coat, his hair was black and was full of gel, he had a golden strip around his chest. He went directly to two vampires:

Jimmy- So, you were the only ones that escaped that so called attack?

V and V2- Yes sir!

They were frightened, and John was wondering why:

Jimmy- And who is this guy?

John- I'm Roger sir. I was also summoned.

Jimmy-Interesting. Now did you get the blood?

V- Yes sir, but the Slayer killed the others when we were doing the change.

Jimmy- A necessary loss.

V2- Sorry boss.

Jimmy- Yes.

And then Jimmy killed them breaking their necks except John:

Jimmy- I have use for you. Go load the boxes.

John- Yes, sir!

Meanwhile, in Figueira, John's parents are worried about him when they got a call:

Giles- Good night, Mr. and Mrs. Days. I'm one of John's teachers. We had a problem here in the school and we had to call him to aid us in here. He will be joined by other students in this special assignment. I'm asking for your permission in this.

John's Mother- But of course. It will be necessary that as to be at hour?

Giles- Unfortunately, yes. He and also the other students will return to their respective homes by tomorrow.

Trusting in John's alleged teacher, John's parents allowed this "special assignment". Returning to the warehouse John had loaded 5 boxes with frozen blood and he still doesn't know what it's for.

Then, he taking advantage of the working vampires he walks by the door that Jimmy came through earlier and enter.

What he find was terrible, there were at least 28 human bodies that their blood was sucked and frozen, then placed on boxes.

He then heard a conversation of Jimmy in the other room at the end of the one he was in. Jimmy was in front of a screen with a figure with long dark hair, but he couldn't see his face.

Jimmy- But, sir, we will need at least more 3 weeks to get the blood necessary to open the Hell-mouth

?- You got two weeks, when the time runs out I personally will take charges over the operations.

Jimmy- You won't need to do that sir.

John- Did you heard that?

Giles- Yes, try to find a way to...

John- Giles? Come in.

The communications were jammed

Then John stumbles upon a small table and makes noise:

John- Crap.

Jimmy- Who is there?!

John gets out from the door but was surrounded by the vampires, Jimmy appears behind him:

Jimmy- So, who really are you?

The Slayer was caught and now he was faced with a group of vampires that could rip him apart…

To Be Continued