Okay, so for those of you who don't know anything about Skyrim, please allow me to explain. I don't play Skyrim, (Of course not) but my favoritest game ever is Skyrim. Confused yet? Allow me to continue. A Dragon is trying to murder me, while I only want to give him a haircut. I am his barber. So he backs me onto a cliff, and then I give him his haircut. He then tried to leave, but I decided to give him free touchups. And his soul flew off, to tell his backup "Thanks for nothing". (I accidentally on purpose killed him). TADA!

Alright. We went for a fancy motorcycle ride today. It was so fun. I like riding quads, motorcycles, you name it. But then the quad flipped. And we went to the hospital. I had a broken rib. I am now paralyzed from the neck down. Sorry. That was a lie. I didn't mean to offend anybody... If you happen to be paralyzed. I apologize.

ANYWAYS. So I am a singer. I auditioned for our Regionals Choir. And I made it in. 10th chair. I got a 93 out of 100. But, we are going on a trip that week, and I can't go to Regionals. Of course.

I got candy today. I have to sell it to people. This is starting to feel like a boring story that won't have much success. OOH! I know what I'm going to do!


I just read "MISTBORN The Final Empire". By Brandon Sanderson. It. Was. Phenominal. Truly phenomanal. The people ate metal, and they got powers from the metal, and they overthrew the kingdom, and one of the main characters died. Sorry, I should have mentioned this: Spoiler Alert! There, now you've been warned. But Its an amazing novel. If you like novel systems, you would absolutely LOVE this one.

I thought, for some reason, that Brandon Sanderson had died. But that is not true! Robert Jordan did, and Brandon Sanderson finished RJ's series for him. May he rest in peice. I think I spelled that wrong.

Right now I am absolutely hooked on Brandon Sanderson's novels. He is a wonderful author, and has such colorful ideas and incredible writing skills.

Yes, I know its short. Goodbye.