So I went back through and read the past chapters, and I kind of guessed that I probably sound pretty wild and crazy to you. I probably sound like some chick that had eaten waaaaaay to much sugar and is talking really fast.

Ohkay. My brother has the hiccups. And he is making me laugh. Because his hiccups are really obnoxious and loud. it makes me giggle.

And every time he hiccups, I laugh, and he hits me on the arm and goes, "Kaaaaa-Ashley! Stop!" But its pretty funny.

The first statement of course, was a Lie. How could I ever sound anything but calm and collected to you guys? I mean, come on! its me!

Uh, I am once again not really sure what to put down. Maybe I should give you more lies. And truths. And pineapples. Of course, I realized that- never mind. Not important.

I am now obsessed with the Doctor. Doctor Who? you may ask. Yes. (That is my response to that question. If I manage not to laugh before saying it. Then it just ruins your image of me.)


Wow. That 6 wound up in there somehow, but whatever. For all you know, I could have intended for it to be there. Then you could have thought that maybe I'm a painter, and my favorite color is exactly Maroon 56. Not Maroon 57. Not Maroon 3.

And I like sweet fruits. This includes Pineapple. Which is a fruit. Right? Most likely. I'm actually not sure. Let me look it up.



Hold on...

Okay. A pineapple is of the ananas genus. it is a tropical plant with edible multiple fruit consisting of coalesced berries. Whatever coalesced means... OOH! It means

Come together and form one mass or whole.

That is interesting. Good fact. Bye!