Six months.

The reality of time flashes in front of my eyes.

Six months ago today, 185 days,

Love was found.

Hard to believe it's been that long.

But every time I see them, I know. We Know.

We know how real it is.

When two people really love each other,

Every day is like Valentine's Day.

Their friendship and their love gave me hope.

And now, knowing it's lasted,

Gives me strength.

This loves stretches across the world.

It's a smile on a rainy day.

A giggle when there's no hope.

And today, sitting in my own little corner of the world,

Watching them act as blissfully happy together on day 185 as they were on day 1,

I pray to God that this love lasts forever.

So that every day can be Valentine's Day.

A.N. If you read a lot of my stories and poems, I'm sure you know all about Mason and Kim. (Sorry about that ;)

Re-reading journals and poems and such, I realized a few days ago that today (Give or take a day or two) is their six month anniversary! I couldn't pass up an opportunity to write, could I? I would love a review!