Your only human

I have never seen him so sad. So vulnerable and sorrowful.

Red rimmed eyes.

His brows furrowed in a way I had never seen before.

How had I never seen this side of him?

His waterline grew more and more flooded and with each passing minute it was a deeper shade of red than it was before.

I didn't like seeing him this way.

Bloodshot whites.

It made me realize that he wasn't impenetrable.

He had weaknesses, just like all of us do.

But I still hated seeing him like this.

Red rimmed eyes.

My heart ached for him and I wished I could take some of his pain away.

I felt my nose get hot and prickly with the tears I was trying to hold back.

When I cry it's out of anger.

But this time it was different.

I was so utterly sad.

His eyes on fire.

I needed to get to him and tell him that I could help, even though I knew I couldn't.

But I had to help somehow.

I had to come up with something.

As I racked my brain his tears fell and that's when I knew that had to let him be.

He had to figure this out on his own

I love you.

I always will.

But I will always wish I could have helped you.

From the deepest depths of my heart I am truly and utterly sorry