Rita's POV

The next two days were completely fine. The practices went fine, and Mas- I mean Dominic, was really nice to me. I could have sworn that Brook kept shooting me nasty stares, but it was probably just my imagination. The day of the show, I didn't have a single worry. I would be in front of a bunch of people, sure, but still. I was sued to all of the tricks, and they were all safe.

After doing the Assistant's Revenge and the 'sword' into me trick, it was time for Dominic to "saw" me in half. Here's how the trick works:

In my dress, there is a pre-cut polyglass sheet that the saw cuts. Just in case, one of the assistants (Brook), puts a sheet of stainless steel to ensure that I don't get cut.

"And NOW, Miss Johnsten will be cut in half… and live to tell the tale!" The announcer yelled into the mic. I settled down on the table, and closed my eyes, relaxing. I waited for the scrape of metal on metal… it never came.

Whrrr! Whrrr! Dominic, who didn'yt know that the steel wasn't int place, had started the saw. I saw Brook's face, twisted into an ugly snarl. I gulped.

"Dominic!" I hissed. HE couldn't hear me over the roar of the saw. Crap!

"Dominic!" I said, adding more volume. He still didn't hear. The saw was just about to begin to tear through polyglass… and my flesh! This wasn't to be happening!

"DOMINIC!" I half yelled. Unfortunately, he couldn't hear. The saw began shredding the polyglass. I could feel the plastic hitting my bare stomach, and the wind created from momentum caressed my abdomen. Halfway through, the saw neared my stomach. Inch by inch, the blade was about to peirce my skin. The rapidly moving metal teeth paralyzed me. Finally, Dominic saw my bare flesh, and froze as well. There was the blade, still going, and gravity was pulling it towards my stomach.

Brrzp! It barely grazed my skin, leaving pain shooting up to my head. Someone screamed. Wait, that was me! I realized suddenly.

"She is really good!" I heard an audience member gasp. The blade was slooowly swinging back, powered by the inertia of gravity. Dominic sprang into action. He pushed away the blade, and took off his robe, reavealing… no, not a six pack, but a black polo shirt and slacks. HE pressed the robe to my stomach. Scooping me up, he raced off stage. He threw me into his car, face pale white. I could feel myself slipping into a dark abyss.

"RITA!" He screamed. A dull, yet more excruciating pain, started.

"Make it stop!" I shrieked. It hurt more than anything I had ever experienced. I looked down. The robe was slipping down, revealing a cut, just underneath my ribcage. I could see blood gushing from the wound, and black threads inside the wound- from Dominic's robe. I yelled again; the pain was heightening even more. I slowly slipped away…

EEEH! Sorry, viewers! I need 2 go! Luv ya'll,